Where is Isla de Margarita located?

Where is Isla de Margarita located?

Margarita Island, Spanish Isla de Margarita, island in the Caribbean Sea, 12 miles (19 km) north of the Península de Araya in northeastern Venezuela. Also known as the Isle of Pearls, Margarita is the largest of 70 islands comprising Nueva Esparta estado (state).

Is it safe to travel to Margarita Island Venezuela?

Crime — including violent crime — is a major problem in Venezuela, and while Margarita Island may be safer than the mainland by some measures, visitors are advised to check the U.S. State Department’s website for current travel alerts and warnings before booking a trip.

Is there a ferry from Aruba to Venezuela?

There is no ferry service from Aruba to Venezuela anymore. If you only have four days, a trip from Aruba to Canaima will ‘eat up’ practically all your days, what with the flight to Caracas, connections to Canaima, stay-over at Canaima NP, and return flights to Aruba.

Can you see Aruba from Venezuela?

Aruba is one of the Lesser Antilles islands located in the Southern Caribbean Sea. The island is located miles off the coast of Venezuela and on clear days it is possible to see Venezuela from the south-eastern side of the island. The islands located north of the Venezuelan coast or called the Leeward Antilles.

Where is Isla de Margarita?

Margarita Island ( Isla de Margarita, Spanish pronunciation: [maɾɣaˈɾita]) is the largest island in the Venezuelan state of Nueva Esparta, situated off the northeastern coast of the country, in the Caribbean Sea. The capital city of Nueva Esparta, La Asunción, is located on the island. Primary industries are tourism, fishing and construction.

Where is Macanao Peninsula in Venezuela?

It is also a Venezuelan municipality, the Municipality of Macanao Peninsula ( Municipio Península de Macanao ), in the state of Nueva Esparta. The municipal seat is Boca de Río . The peninsula is connected to the rest of Isla Margarita by a thin strip of land in Laguna de la Restinga National Park.

Where are the major airports on Isla Margarita?

The island’s major airport, Santiago Mariño Caribbean International Airport, is located near Porlamar. Juan Griego is a city on the northern side of Isla Margarita, and is the most northern port in Venezuela. It has a population of 28,256 inhabitants (as per census of 2001) and is the capital of the Marcano municipality of the Nueva Esparta state.

Where is the real Cerro Macanao?

La Soledad or Guainamal is the real Cerro Macanao. On the northern sides The hills of Gavilán and Guarataro stand out.

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