Where is the key in Freyas garden?

Where is the key in Freyas garden?

To get the key that opens the wooden door with claw marks at the Entrance marker, you will need to return to the well and jump down again. This time, you can walk past Craven’s body to the exit. Before exiting, loot the skeleton and receive the key to Freya’s Garden.

Where is the key for Morkvarg?

If you choose to find the key, or wish to find it after initially dealing with Morkvarg, then open the rightmost gate, dive down and enter the underwater entrance to find the flooded cave underneath Morkvarg’s lair. Amidst the bones you’ll find the Padlock key that Morkvarg mentioned.

How do I get rid of the werewolf in Freya’s Garden?

Get Rid of the Werewolf in the Garden If the marker is off on the outside, that means Morkvarg is in the cave. Open the gate near the cave entrance (north-east) and find him. Fight the werewolf, say your “here we are agains,” and pick the option to give him the Toradar’s fang necklace.

Where is the key in wolfs clothing?

In Wolf’s Clothing Tips and Strategies To find the key Morkvarg is looking for, you will need to open the third water gate and swim through it to reach an underground cave. The key can be looted from the pile of bones inside the cave.

How do you release Morkvarg?

When Morkvarg is incapacitated, speak to him. Hand over the fang to lift the curse, then remind him about your reward. With that done, you’re able to return to Novigrad and collect your spoils (the Deithwen silver sword) from the pawnshop.

Who did Ciri get the tattoo for?

In the Saga, the tattoo is a memento of Ciri’s lover Mistle during her time with a group called The Rats. “There wasn’t really space for unpacking this complex episode in the Wild Hunt—and it’s a shame,” Szamalek says. “In this moment of life, Ciri gave in to her darker side, followed her worst instincts.

How do you release Morkvarg curse?

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