Which company makes best carrom board?

Which company makes best carrom board?


  • 1) GSI Carrom Boards- This carrom board is famous for smooth playing surface and tremendous re-bounce capabilities.
  • 2) Synco Champion Carrom Board-
  • 3) Uber-
  • 4) Surco Carrom Board-
  • 4) Suzuki Carrom boards-
  • 5) Siscaa Carrom Boards-
  • 6) Vinex Carrom Boards-
  • 7) JD Sports-

Which carrom board material is best?

7 Days Returnable

Colour Multicolor
Material Wood
Brand Synco

What is the price of big carrom board?

Questions & Answers on Carrom Board

Material Min Price Max Price
Wood Rs 120/Piece Rs 12000/Piece

Where is carrom board made?

made in india Wooden Finish Inch Full 34 Size Carrom Board for Kids and Children with Coins Striker and Boric Powder, Brown (Big Size)

Which ply is best for carrom board?

Professional Level: 18 MM to 24 MM. Gambol provides a wide range of carrom boards with ply thickness ranging from. 6 MM to 36 MM. ALWAYS use Boric Powder only….Everything about Carrom.

Indian Ply English Ply
Comparatively less smooth. Comparatively smoother.
Low life cycle. Higher life cycle.

What is the size of large size carrom board?

Wood Big Carrom Board, Size: 35 X 35 Inches

Border Size 35 x 35 inches
Color Wood
Material Wood
Brand Star
Age Group 5-60

What is the thickness of carrom striker?

A professional carrom striker for carrom play. DIMENSIONS: Thickness 8mm. Diameter 41mm. Weight 15gms.

How do I choose a good carrom board?

How to choose a carrom board?

  1. The board surface should be dead flat – Budget boards with thin plywood are less likely to offer a perfectly flat playing surface, and are more susceptible to warping over time.
  2. The playing surface should be smooth to feel, with no bumps or irregularities.

How do I find a good carrom board?

Who is the largest manufacturer of carrom boards in India?

Within 3 years of establishment, Siscaa has become the largest manufacturer of carrom boards in India under the guidance and direction of Mr Atul Mehra. Our carrom boards are known for the fast rebound, scratch proof and waterproof playing surface & long lasting wooden frame.

Are GSI carrom boards any good?

The GSI carrom boards, abbreviated as the Garg Sports International are a recognized brand of carrom boards. This brand is famous for its smooth surfaced boards and resistance to warping. All boards manufactured by GSI are waterproof and are of high-quality. The boards are available in small, medium and large size.

What are the best carrom boards for kids?

JD sports carrom board is one of the top manufacturers of carrom boards. Their products include various models of carrom board such as wooden and ich boards. This brand also produces boards for young kids too. These products are of different sizes such as the 32-inch, 42-inch, and 52-inch variants.

What is pre-precise carrom board?

Precise Carrom boards are the boards Made in India with Super- Satin- Water proof Scratch Proof Playing Surface. In all our varieties of carrom boards and models of carrom board main border frame have better striking power of striker (“Stroke Master”).

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