Who is Eleggua Eshu?

Who is Eleggua Eshu?

Eleggua, Elegbara, Eshu is the messenger of the orisa and the direct contact with mankind. He who is the trickster who stands in corners and the crossroads and guards the doors of homes from evil. He is kept behind the front door of the house to keep away the evil .

What day of the week is Eshu Elegbara?

Day of the week: Monday for normal purposes, Friday for battle. Eshu Elegbara, also known as Eshu, Exu, Elegua, or Legba, is one of the most popular and yet most misunderstood of the Orishas. He is well known for being extremely powerful and working very fast.

What is the meaning of Eleggua?

Although it is commonly believed that Eleggua is a mispronunciation of Elegbara. One of Eshu’s many manifestations in Africa, the tradition is that Eleggua is the Hispanic form of Elewa, a praise name for Eshu meaning “Handsome one”.

Why is ESU offered sacrifice before other Orisha?

Eshu is offered sacrifice before any other Orisha in every ceremony. He is unique in that everywhere where the Orisha are worshiped he is also honored, his manifestations are many and so are his attributes. It is said there are 256 paths Esu’s that one for each 256 Odu’s of Ifa.

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