Who is the most powerful in Saint Seiya?

Who is the most powerful in Saint Seiya?

1. Andromeda Shun. There is no doubt between all the bronze saints from Saint Seiya that Andromeda Shun is their most potent.

What rank is Saint Seiya?

Although Seiya begins his journey as a Bronze Saint, the lowest of the three ranks of Saints, his abilities gradually grow to rival those of the Gold Saints; the most powerful of Athena’s soldiers. He achieves this by awakening his seventh sense, the essence and origin of the Cosmo.

Did Seiya beat Apollo?

In the TenKaiHen Josou Overture Movie, Apollo has been seen as extremely powerful and enough that Athena and Artemis would be panicked by his arrival, although his attacks are somewhat blocked by Seiya they eventually overpower him throughout their battle.

Who is strongest Bronze Saint?

Ikki is the best controlling his cosmos of the bronze saints and Seiya usually reach highest levels but just after struggle a lot. Ikki fought the strongest enemies in every arc (Shaka, Kanon, Radamantis and Minos) and also was able to easily defeat a Silver saint the first time he fought one without any problems.

Who is the strongest character in Saint Seiya?

The strongest character of Saint Seiya altogether is Cronus (クロノス, Kuronosu), he has power over the entire reality, space and time. But this doesn’t excuse the fact that Jump Force is failing horribly so far and a lot of the main series are absent from the game.

Where does Saint Seiya rank in anime rankings?

In Animage’s 2001 “Top-100 Anime” ranking, Saint Seiya was 53rd. In 2006, TV Asahi conducted a nationwide survey for the one hundred most popular animated television series, where Saint Seiya came in 25th place.

Is Seiya the strongest Shounen protag?

So going by the evidence and feats I produced Saint Seiya is Multiversal is destructive capabilities, and is probably even more powerful thanks to his use of the Eighth/Ninth Sense. He is probably the strongest Shounen protag (not including Omnipotents like Kami Tenchi).

What is the Saint Seiya subreddit?

This is the community led Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac) (Caballeros del Zodiaco) SubReddit. Made for fans all across the world. Your hub for anything related to Saint Seiya including News, Anime, Manga, Games, Merch, Fan Works, etc.

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