Who owns Ashford Castle?

Who owns Ashford Castle?

Red Carnation Hotels of

Ashford Castle
Owner Red Carnation Hotels of The Travel Corporation
Condition 5 star luxury hotel
Site history
Built 1228 (and later)

How much is Ashford Castle in Ireland worth?

Ashford Castle hotel resort which has been sold for €20 million. Red Carnation Hotels, owner of 14 boutique hotels, plans to carry out a major refurbishment of the five-star hotel in Cong, Co Mayo, which was placed in receivership 18 months ago by its owner, the Galway businessman Gerry Barrett.

Who is the owner of Dromoland castle?

Withluckonmyside,IreckonIcould getsnowedinfortheweek. Dromoland, which employs about 400 people and is owned by a consortium of wealthyIrish-Americaninvestors,isinthe middle of a ¤20 million tune-up overseen byNolan,ajocularDublinerwhotookover as general manager in 1989.

Do the Tolmans still own Ashford Castle?

Set on Lough Corrib and completed in 1228, the castle itself has been lovingly restored by Red Carnation Hotels and its parent company, The Travel Corporation (and sister companies Uniworld River Cruise Collection, Trafalgar, Insight Vacations, Luxury Gold and a handful of other travel brands).

Who owns red carnation?

The Travel Corporation
Red Carnation Hotels/Parent organizations

Did the Guinness family own Ashford Castle?

Ashford was retained by the Iveagh Trust on behalf of the Guinness family until it was bought by Noel Huggard in 1939. Huggard established the castle as a first-class hotel renowned for the provision of its country pursuits.

Will new owner preserve Ashford Castle?

ASHFORD Castle is to preserve its magnificent stately façade – for the time being at least – as new owner Gerry Barrett mulls over his €50 million acquisition, which was finalised last week.

What is Ashford Castle?

Ashford Castle is a medieval and Victorian castle that has been expanded over the centuries and turned into a five star luxury hotel near Cong on the Mayo – Galway border, on the Galway side of Lough Corrib in Ireland. It is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World organisation and was previously owned by the Guinness family.

When did Thomas Elwood Live at Ashford Castle?

In the late 18th-century a branch of the family inhabited the castle. In the early 19th-century, one Thomas Elwood was agent for the Brownes at Ashford and was recorded as living there in 1814.

What famous people have stayed at Ashford Castle?

After being rebuilt, the Ashford Castle welcomed many famous guests like George V, the Prince of Wales, among others who stayed with the Guinness family. The President of The United States of America Ronald Regan paid the venue a visit. In 1950, “The Quiet Man” was filmed near the castle.

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