Who was the incumbent in the 1988 election?

Who was the incumbent in the 1988 election?

The incumbent in 1988, Ronald Reagan. His second term expired at noon on January 20, 1989. The 1988 United States presidential election was the 51st quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 8, 1988.

How did Michael Dukakis win the 1988 presidential primary?

Dukakis won the Democratic primaries after Democratic leaders such as Gary Hart and Ted Kennedy withdrew or declined to run. He selected U.S. Senator Lloyd Bentsen of Texas as his running mate.

What is President Elect 1988 edition?

President Elect: 1988 Edition is an updated version of the original President Elect adding the campaign data for the upcoming (at the time) 1988 election. The game is a comprehensive computer simulation of a presidential campaign from Labor Day to election night.

What does light blue mean in the 1988 election?

Light blue is the electoral vote for Bentsen/Dukakis by a West Virginia faithless elector. Numbers indicate electoral votes cast by each state and the District of Columbia. The incumbent in 1988, Ronald Reagan.

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What are some good books about the 1988 presidential election?

Moreland, Laurence W.; Steed, Robert P.; Baker, Tod A. (1991). The 1988 Presidential Election in the South: Continuity Amidst Change in Southern Party Politics. New York: Praeger. ISBN 0-275-93145-5. Pitney, Jr., John J. After Reagan: Bush, Dukakis, and the 1988 Election (UP Kansas, 2019) excerpt Runkel, David R. (1989).

Who ran against Ronald Reagan for president in 1988?

Incumbent president Ronald Reagan was ineligible to seek a third term. Bush entered the Republican primaries as the front-runner, defeating U.S. Senator Bob Dole and televangelist Pat Robertson to win the nomination. He selected U.S. Senator Dan Quayle of Indiana as his running mate.

Who ran against George W Bush in 1988?

The 1988 United States presidential election was the 51st quadrennial United States presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 8, 1988. Incumbent Vice President George H. W. Bush, the Republican nominee, defeated Democratic Governor Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts.

Who won the Illinois primary in 1988?

The next week, Simon won Illinois with Jackson finishing second. 1988 remains the race with the most candidates winning primaries since the McGovern reforms of 1971.

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