Who were the first Big Brother contestants?

Who were the first Big Brother contestants?

On Day 1, the ten original housemates (Andrew, Anna, Caroline, Craig, Darren, Melanie, Nichola, Nicholas, Sada and Tom) entered the house. On Day 2, the housemates were given their first shopping task by Big Brother.

How many Big Brother contestants have there been?

As of season 23, a total of 300 participants have competed in Big Brother and in Big Brother: Over The Top, and 40 of them have competed in multiple seasons.

Who won Big Brother Australia 2013?

Big Brother Australia 2013, also known as Big Brother 10, is the tenth season of the Australian reality television series, Big Brother. It began on 28 July 2013, with a pre-recorded launch show airing on 29 July 2013 on the Nine Network. On 6 November 2013, after 101 days of competition, Tim Dormer won the competition and the $250,000 prize.

Is there a big brother in Australia?

Big Brother Australia is the Australian version of the international Big Brother reality television series. Big Brother was produced from 2001 and ran for eight seasons on Network Ten before the network cancelled it in July 2008 after experiencing audience erosion and controversy.

Where can I watch Big Brother Australia 2020?

The 2020 edition of the show was also broadcast on Finnish streaming service Ruutu.fi from 6 December 2020, with two episodes airing every Sunday. Dutch broadcaster RTL revealed that they are going to broadcast Big Brother Australia from season 12 on RTL 5, starting from 9 April 2021, only one day after their Dutch-Flemish version ended.

How long did Big Brother 2014 last?

The season ended on 26 November 2014, lasting 80 days. Excluding the celebrity edition of the show, this is the shortest Big Brother season to date. The winner of the season was Ryan Ginns, who won a total of A$200,000. The show’s renewal was confirmed by the Nine Network, who air the show, at the end of the previous season’s finale.

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