Why did Germans come to America Apush?

Why did Germans come to America Apush?

The Germans came because they wanted to escape the autocratic clutches of Europe. They settled mainly in lush lands of the Middle West. They contributed such things as the Christmas tree, kindergarten, the Conestoga wagon, the Kentucky rifle.

Where did German immigrants settle in the United States quizlet?

Where have most German immigrants settled in the United States? Most German immigrants settled in the Midwest, and also in the cities of New York City, Baltimore, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Milwaukee.

Why did Germans migrate to America in the 1700s?

1709: In the wake of devastation caused by wars of Louis XIV, German Palatines settled in the Hudson Valley and Pennsylvania. 1717: The English Parliament legalized transportation to American colonies as punishment; contractors began regular shipments from jails, mostly to Virginia and Maryland.

How were Irish and German immigrants different?

The United States was the only place that welcomed Irish immigrants whereas German immigrants had many more options for where to migrate. Irish immigrants mainly settled in urban areas along the Northeastern coast whereas German immigrants, who arrived with more money, often settled farther west.

What did the German immigrants contribute to American culture?

German Americans established the first kindergartens in the United States, introduced the Christmas tree tradition, and introduced popular foods such as hot dogs and hamburgers to America. The great majority of people with some German ancestry have become Americanized; fewer than 5% speak German.

Where did German immigrants settle?

The Germans had little choice — few other places besides the United States allowed German immigration. Unlike the Irish, many Germans had enough money to journey to the Midwest in search of farmland and work. The largest settlements of Germans were in New York City, Baltimore, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Milwaukee.

How many German immigrants came to America?

1880s – In this decade, the decade of heaviest German immigration, nearly 1.5 million Germans left their country to settle in the United States; about 250,000, the greatest number ever, arrived in 1882. 1890 – An estimated 2.8 million German-born immigrants lived in the United States.

What did German immigrants do in America?

The German immigrants took jobs as skilled laborers that included jewelry makers, musical instrument manufacturers, cabinetmakers, and tailors. They also worked in groceries, bakeries, and restaurants. Germans also introduced breweries into the area.

How did the German immigrants get to America?

They migrated to America for a variety of reasons. Push factors involved worsening opportunities for farm ownership in central Europe, persecution of some religious groups, and military conscription; pull factors were better economic conditions, especially the opportunity to own land, and religious freedom.

What were the two main reasons German immigrants came to America?

What challenges did German immigrants face in America?

Physical attacks, though rare, were more violent: German American businesses and homes were vandalized, and German Americans accused of being “pro-German” were tarred and feathered, and, in at least once instance, lynched. The most pervasive damage was done, however, to German language and education.

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