WITHOUT A NOISE, a lot of noise for not much – Review

Phenomenon horror of the moment, exploding the u.s. box office, Without A Noise made, undeniably, speak of him. After a strange output delayed in France, and here he finally lands, with a bundle of weeks behind the other countries.

The horror and the fantastic are returning to fashion. Commercially and with the critics or the public. Notably under the impetus of Jason Blum (producer of “Get Out, Insidious, the last Shyamalan), the cinema of genre may even find a place among the contenders for the Oscars ! In this evolving, highly enjoyable for us, the spectators, of the projects, as Without A Sound see the light of day. If it is not stamped Blumhouse Productions, the film of John Krasiński is not far to take the recipe. A moderate budget ($17 million), an inventive concept and a deep desire to provide the film grounded in a kind. In a world that is slightly apocalyptic, monsters spread terror. Blind, but with a hearing on-developed, they hound anyone who emits the slightest noise. Some survivors have to adapt their mode of life and are reduced to silence in order to survive. This is the case of the family of Abbott. Then, since monsters are not enough, the film sticks a collective trauma and it doesn’t help. Then also a future birth.The problem of Without A Sound is quickly detectable : its scenario coarse. Apart from the concept which allows beautiful opportunities (more on that later), the film can accumulate the strings are easy to play on the emotions artificial. All along, the viewer is posed a bunch of questions, which discredit the building. The main one being : why make a kid in a world too dangerous ? An idea totally far-fetched, intended to lead us to the famous scene of childbirth and resolve the original trauma – compensate for the loss of another child. A whole bunch of effects, including the famous nail evil, are added to an initial idea already so powerful that it could be enough by itself to build around a pure narrative of survival, minimalist, in which the only issue in this sense would be for these parents to protect their brats. The film refuses any form of restraint, which would probably have unleashed its ambitions to be emotional also. The beautiful scene of the waterfall would have won, for example, to pose as a single decompression chamber, rather than dwelling on the impact of the trauma on the family unit.

Apart from all of its gaps in narrative, Without A Sound works, undeniably, thanks to the scenes of horror/action. 1: 30 of the generosity in the use of monsters, a pace that is properly dosed… We are in front of a B-series mainstream carried out efficiently. The possibilities offered by the silence are not always exploited to the bottom – in particular in respect of the deafness of the girl – but the movie does household in order to offer show. Emily Blunt in the lead gives everything for the business market. Without A Noise is a horror movie that’s effective, but it lacks its big stage to reach another level in term of performance. The scene of childbirth is mysteriously shipped so that it seemed planned, and is labeled to be THE big stage shock that will be implanted in our memories. Up until the last second, the film seems to be self-clamping, we do not offer a half-conclusion. An open end, to initiate commercially and scénaristiquement a likely result, rather than a final worthy of the name. A lot of noise for not much ? The formula is easy, of course. But at least as much as what the film offers in its content.

Maxime Bedini

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WITHOUT A NOISE, a lot of noise for not much – Critical
Original title :A Quiet Place

Achievement : John Krasiński

Scenario : Scott Beck, John Krasiński, Bryan Woods

Main actors : Emily Blunt, John Krasiński, Millicent Simmonds

Release Date : 20 June 2018

Duration : 1h30min

2.0final grade
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