Saw 6 : Teaser / trailer (VOSTFR)

Here’s the first teaser for Saw 6

The sixth installment of the famous saga Saw. Then you will avoid making bad puns, all the more screwed up as each other, and it will only continue this article by providing you with the synopsys of the movie.

The pitch : special agent Strahm is dead, and detective Hoffman then emerges as the heir clear the legacy of Jigsaw. However, while the FBI getting closer and more dangerously for him, Hoffman is forced to start a new game that will reveal, finally, what is the real grand plan behind the machinations of Jigsaw…

Saw 6 was directed by Kevin Greutert (his first feature film and editor of the first 5 opus of the Saw) with Shawnee Smith (Saw 3, Saw 4), Tobin Bell (Saw 4, Saw 5) and Costas Mandylor (Sinners & Saints, Saw 5).

Date of French release : 04 November 2009

Saw 6 : Teaser / trailer (VOSTFR)

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