Woody Allen, a filmmaker who loves to travel

Woody Allen is a lover of New York, and especially Manhattan, it is a no-brainer. He has built his reputation with his first film shot in this city as Annie Hall and the aptly named Manhattan. But despite this reputation as a filmmaker, ” New york “, Woody Allen is a true globe-trotter particularly attracted to the cities of Europe.

London, Barcelona, Rome and of course Paris…

“I have long been an independent american filmmaker, today I’m a filmmaker, an outsider, a director of the european. I would love to shoot in Paris, or in the south of France, and then Rome, and to Venice, why not in Stockholm “ Woody Allen in 2008

This quote from the director was not only beautiful speech, far from it ! This year, he had to turn Vicky Cristina Barcelona in the Spanish city and the previous three years he had chained three shoots in London with Match Point, Scoop and The dream of Cassandra. He has since turned his promise of film shot in Paris with the very successful Midnight in Paris in 2011. The following year, he was moving with Rome for to Rome with Love. Within a few years, people should see films of Woody Allen filmed in Venice or Stockholm. It’s a safe bet that his film in Venice, if it really does, will be very much anticipated by his fans.

One thing is apparent from the list of cities : These are all major european cities. Woody Allen is a globe-trotter, but it’s not adventure, not necessarily on the continents of asian and african. Why ? However, I’m sure he would do wonders in a country as “complexed” as Japan.

Locations selected for economic reasons

The truth is simple. We, Europeans, are traveling at lower cost in Europe. Well Woody Allen did not travel in Europe only for purely artistic, quite the contrary ! He also likes to control its production costs, and by his own admission, a shooting is extremely expensive in Manhattan. It therefore moves in Europe at the option of the tax credits that are available to them.

Woody Allen is, therefore, a globe-trotter by interest, and if it finds the necessary funding, it will always favour a shooting in the United States and especially in Manhattan. In the meantime, subsidies are the most serious in Europe and it’s a safe bet that the developer installation of new cameras in big european cities. And why not imagine a shoot in the Czech Republic, renowned for its tax credits and the qualified labour. It is a city to be particularly interesting and very photogenic ! Otherwise, he might move to Russia, one of the largest markets in the world cinema today.

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