X-Men – First Class : Shooting in 2010 !

The actor Tim Pocock tells us a little more about the next episode of the saga X-Men

Tim Pocock, said like that, what name do you think is perhaps not very familiar. If you are told that it plays the role of Scott Summers in X-Men Origins – Wolverine, it should be better to talk to you.

The actor revealed that the next episode of the saga would nominate X-Men – First Class and that it would resume the service in the skin of Scott Summers / Cyclops.

The shooting of the film commence in 2010.

Level cast, Josh Schwartz (creator of the series Gossip Girl, Chuck , or Newport Beach) will be the scenario. Nothing else has been picked apart to try to stick better to the comic book of the same name, published by Marvel in 2006.

Finally know that another film is in the project : X-Men Origins – Magneto, who will tell about the youth of Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, aka the mutant Magneto in the saga. Filming is scheduled for 2011.

Source : allocine.fr

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