Yellow Submarine, version Disney

Here’s a news that will speak. Disney wishing to revisit the cartoon Yellow Submarine

The cartoon Yellow Submarine, based on the music of the Beatles, canadian director , George Dunning, was released in 1968. Studios Disney would like to restore a youthful look to it by releasing a new animated film in the form of a remake.

The pitch : It was once, or maybe two, an enchanted kingdom called Pepperland, a wonderful place that is protected by the Cbrc. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band, where happiness and music reign supreme. But all this is seriously threatened when the wicked Blue Meanies declared war and sent an army led by Gantelaid’ (Flying Glove) to destroy this eden. By enclosing the group in a blue ball anti-music, they transform the inhabitants of Pepperland in statues of stone and empty the kingdom of all its color. Panic in the population pepperlandaise including the mayor Old Fred decides to send a Young Fred and his yellow submarine to get help. Young Fred manages to escape and is going to resurrect the legend of the Yellow Submarine : the fabulous legend which says that one day, men came to the land of Pepperland to bring music and happiness. Thus, at the edge of the yellow submarine Young Fred is going to look for people who are able to meet this challenge.

One pronounces the name of Robert Zemeckis (Back To The Future, Who Wants The Skin Of Roger Rabbit and, more recently, The Funny Christmas Scrooge) to realize it. About Funny Christmas Scrooge, the developer could use the same process for Yello Submarine, to be able to transpose real movements from real actors in animated.

Release scheduled for the summer of 2012, during the London Olympic Games, according to Variety.

We all live in a Yellow Submarine…

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