2018…Ok ! And then ?

2018…Ok ! Et alors ?

And if it was a little bit more ?


The 1st January anything is possible

Normally I’m not one of those who await the new year with impatience. But frankly 2017 has been for me a good year of shit !! To be more fair, by the end of 2016 to October 2017 I have a little through the hell. Yes, you read well, I wrote, hell.

From October I started to see a bit of the end of the tunnel, both mentally and physically. The time of the reconstruction was coming…Since then, I’ve come up as a swiss cuckoo clock and nothing can stop me !

You will understand that I put myself into action mode before the 1st January and I did not wait for the period of good resolutions to me. Simply because there isn’t really time to take action, to change their profession, to fully live his passion, to write or make a film.

There is only you to decide to change…and this is not a date in the year that will change that. If you have really taken the bull by the horns, that one is the 3 September, 1 January or the 26th of August, you’ll do what it takes to get there.

Therefore, all days of the year are a chance to change, to do better…don’t wait till the next day for you to put in, do it now !

Don’t throw everything in the trash

Even if the last 9 months of the year 2017 (as well as November and December 2016) have been terrible, it is not necessary to throw everything in the trash. Even the worst experiences are good to take, whether you’re at the bottom of the hole as I was. In fact, the light is never very far away. Sometimes we are just unable to see it or find it, one feels lost…Yet there is always a solution.

With a little hindsight we can see that it is not so black. It has the duty to take the time to reflect on what brought us to this state. We have the right to let go, to withdraw, to say NO and to only think of oneself.

Often, it is our choice or the freedom that we have left the others to reach us, or hurt us, that put us where we are. But you are not at fault, some people are toxic or take advantage of you. Often, when you realize this, it is too late.

Sometimes, you’ve arrived at a point in your life where it is necessary to change. You feel it but you still do not know how to do it. This makes you sometimes sink because you’re not at your place.

2017 has taught me a lot of things : I know what I don’t want to !

How To Make A Movie

All this leads me to tell you about the blog and what I want for 2018 and the years to come. Let’s be honest :

  • Is it that the blog takes me time ? : Yes
  • Is it that you help me always brings so much fun and makes me happy ? : Yes
  • Is it that you find the blog of good quality and it helps you to go further ? : Yes

Is it that I find that this is enough : No !!!

It is thus necessary to go further to help you raise the skills, help you live your passion like you want to live it…in Short, it is absolutely necessary to move to the next level.

How ?

The action plan

1) The publications will remain every 2 weeks, it will not change. Today the blog is comprised of more than 200 articles, there’s plenty to do.

2) We’ll take new themes, in relation with the new technologies and new ways of doing cinema.

3) We will intensify partnerships to bring you even more content on the techniques of writing and filming.

4) I’ll introduce you to more professionals who are part of my network : Producer, director, technician…And I’m not talking about a guy who has made two or three odds and ends, and that said pro. But I’ll also go look for the professionals that I do not know for you prove that with a little time, daring and the will you can reach them at any age.

5) I’m much more me travel to come and meet you and talk to you in live : At festivals, conventions , orspecial events around the audiovisual and cinema. Moreover, in this regard, a first event is planned for July. I will be present at a festival…But I’ll talk about a little later.

If you want a Masterclass , or that I participate to your event (festival, convention, show, college, university) please get in touch via : [email protected]

6) in a few weeks I’m going to start a challenge and I intend to make you participate. An index ? It’s been a long time that I didn’t realize… ! ;o)

You will have understood, I’m going to show you the steps of writing, research, producer, research funding, team shooting , etc… in Short, I’m going to show you how to successfully make a movie (short film) in a professional manner. Yes you read that right ! It is a huge risk ! Because the quality of the writing and the idea should be good…convince a producer or a producer that is always something difficult. But after all it’s fun for me and it will be, both for you and for me, a great experience to live and share.

8) We prepare with the team a huge thing…who is going to change…absolutely everything…it is what it is ;o) !!! But I can’t tell you about it right away, but I can tell you that it is heavy !! And that it will happen for September 2018…Outstanding… ;o)

But how to do it ?

How to move to the top speed ? How to accompany you even better ? How to continue to do my job and what excites me ?

Taking care of the ” How to Make A Movie “ to full-time for me to take care of you, of me and to live my passion of the cinema otherwise. For you to live your passion of cinema in the best way possible…that you want to write and perform with passion, or to do your job !

Here is the article : And if it was a little bit more ?

Please do not hesitate to ask your questions or your comments under this article.

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Happy new year ! Soon


PS : there is no age to change the way, business or to live the life that you want.

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