It is in a café in paris’s 11th arrondissement, a day of heavy rain, far from the sun in the south-west that we see in the Kings of The world, that we have met its director, Laurent Laffargue. A man that we know before all to the theatre but the cinema has always had an […]

[INTERVIEW] Laurent Larivière

We had the chance to meet and hold the director Laurent Larivière at the Francophone Film Festival of Angouleme , which was held last August. He presented a preview of his first feature, I AM A SOLDIER (read our review HERE), with Louise Bourgoin and Jean-Hugues Anglade. He has produced five short films and has […]


To read also our review of the movie THE OGRES We met Léa Fehner, the director, inspired by the brilliant THE OGRES on the occasion of its first presentation in Bordeaux. She spoke to us with great kindness and sincerity of her childhood, inspiration for the film, and the shoot with the real troupe of […]

[INTERVIEW] The team in the FACE of THE DEVIL

We cannot say that the web series is still particularly well-developed in the French audiovisual landscape. Usually, one associates it rather with a kind of delirium among friends. It is indeed as started by The Visitor of the future, one of the web-series the most popular today. Not only that, it was seven years ago. […]

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