Hasaah, Rob Cohen… Has the origin of so many of the pillars of contemporary films, among which the first FAST & the FURIOUS, XXX , or even THE MUMMY 3, the man has often alternated series B made with three pieces of twine, which proved to ultimately be the success expected at the box-office, and of the productions the most important is collect all of them without exception : A NEIGHBOR TOO PERFECT, in English , THE BOY NEXT DOOR, is to be classified in the first category. Four small million dollar budget for revenue ten times greater at its output overseas.

Quite a success, isn’t it ? This is because it must be damn good, this case ! Not that the combination of Rob Cohen + Jennifer Lopez could we put a flea in the ear, but if it was a success, it is that there must be interesting things ! It all starts in any case with a mounting epileptic supposed to introduce us to the past of our heroine. Except that here, a technician had to sit on the keyboard, because already, something is not working. When you superimpose three or four scenes of dialogues with the same stakeholders in having in addition to the good idea to make them last for different plans in just over a second each time, it gets stuck, necessarily. Past these two minutes of introduction completely unreal, A NEIGHBOUR TOO PERFECT plunges us into the bosom of the family. A mother victim of adultery, a father little this, a son victim of bullying, and quickly, as the film’s title suggests, the neighbor’s beautiful, kind, intelligent, and just enough creeps to look honest. Seen like this, it would be almost interesting. But then arrived the villains of the skaters of the school, the friend of the mom and a plot that unfolds with as much subtlety as the subjects of discussions of a trade coffee auvergne a night match.

A NEIGHBOUR TOO PERFECT is not only missed, it is a disaster. There is absolutely nothing to save him, players who, when they do surjouent not completely – special mention for the cries of panic, Jennifer Lopez – have the air completely disconnected from what is happening around them. Rob Cohen is not a good filmmaker at the base, so when, in addition, it is taken seriously, it quickly turns to the ridiculous : there is no staging, the plans are ugly, poorly framed, the assembly errors is piling up, and more importantly, what is it that this scenario is an idiot ! This is not only the predictability and the vanity, the total of the plot, but the abundance of common places, effects, narration, insipid, characters, and twists and turns if used and reused that they almost look like bad caricatures.

“A gap film, a diving non-stop in the direction of the nothingness of art.”

And the worst thing is that they have no shame. Nobody has told before, during or after the shoot ” What we do is pretty damn bad, all the same. It could be, I know not, refine the post-prod, or try to initiate a semblance of second-degree ? “. Even taken as a series B without pretension, it is appalling void.

Some say that he must see the worst to appreciate better the best, but nobody deserves that. A kind of thriller boring, mouthful of clichés and not even funny (in more), carried by a team who has visibly what to do with the viewer. In any case this is a serious contender to the title of the worst dung of the year, and the bar is set very high : A NEIGHBOR TOO PERFECT it’s a turnip that seems straight out of the 1990s, the era in which represent the riffraff out of the corner with baseball caps backwards, skateboards and the first name Jason doesn’t bother anyone. A gap film, a diving non-stop in the direction of the nothingness of art.

The other outputs of the may 20, 2015


Original title : The Boy Next Door

Production : Rob Cohen

Screenplay : Barbara Curry

Main actors : Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Guzman, Ian Nelson, John Corbett, Kristin Chenoweth, Lexi Atkins, Hill Harper

Country of origin : United States

Released : may 20, 2015

Duration : 1h31min

Distributor : Universal Pictures International France

Synopsis : A mother, recently divorced, has a fling with a young man of his neighborhood. When it sympathizes with his son and decides to put an end to their relationship, the problems begin…


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