If we had particularly wanted before its release, Man of Steel proved in the end to be a great disappointment. Missed many points, the film had especially the gift of exhausting the viewer with fighting endless. In spite of its flaws, the public had answered present, giving Man of Steel a nice success at the box office. It was, therefore, very logical to find Zack Snyder at the helm of this sequel. Strangely, it is precisely the action, yet so appreciated by Snyder, who now lacks sorely in BATMAN V SUPERMAN.

The initial idea was not, however, far from being interesting, or at least original. Snyder, choosing to build his film around the events of Man of Steel. Replaying the mass destruction caused by the fight between Superman and General Zod (success of the film), but from a different point of view. One of Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck, who just a little, but avoids the ridiculous), at the first place to live which is similar to a new September 11 – the symbolism of the skyscrapers that collapse is even more supported by the fog of smoke into which he disappeared. Wizard powerless to the collapse of the tower Wayne Enterprise, he sees in Superman the person responsible for these tragic events, and is well decided to put it out of harm’s way. For all that, we could find much to fault with the project of BATMAN V SUPERMAN. In effect, what interest will you say to look at two giants slugging it out for hours, razing everything around them ? Some may find their pleasure, we will not judge. However, the disappointment remains all the stronger as the fight dante announced was ultimately never take place, and gives way to boredom abyssal caused by a scenario too imperfect and without rhythm.

BATMAN V SUPERMAN appears as the meeting point defects its director, whose good intentions, once completed, prove to be rarely to the height. The film is lost already in the symbolic clumsy and too many biblical references that brought on the conflict between Men and the Gods. All this to try and justify a confrontation unnecessary. In fact, Zack Snyder (it could also be attributed to the writers) never seems to find how to oppose his two super-heroes. It includes, of course, the point of view of Bruce Wayne who, like the viewer in front of the end of Man of Steel, was difficult to consider Superman as a true hero. It is also interesting to see the establishment of a commission to judge the actions of the alien. The willingness of Batman to tackle him is perfectly laudable and understandable, but coincides strangely with that of Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg free wheel), which we do not understand, unfortunately, never the motives. The same misunderstanding before one of the employees of Bruce Wayne, a victim of the collapse of the tower, who complains that his boss has ” abandoned his family “. But why and how ? It should not be too much to try to understand, and Snyder did not embarrass himself. It seems rather to lose itself in a variety of themes often brought without reason or exploited awkwardly.

“BATMAN V SUPERMAN : DAWN OF JUSTICE ? Not the fight dante announced and boredom abyss.”

The worst is on the side of Superman (again camped by Henry Cavill, effective wardrobe, laughable in his emotions) that there is nothing to justify the anger towards the black Knight. This last fact quite a few arrests of criminals a little too muscular. But coming from someone who has caused as much damage and doesn’t hesitate to break the neck of his enemy (Zod, always), it is a little hospital which fout of charity. It is so beautiful and well scénaristiquement that BATMAN V SUPERMAN fishing the most. Again, not necessarily in the intentions – we appreciate having a Batman in place for 20 years, who will speak about with finesse of his former opponents, or the questioning around Superman, true or false god, can he be tried by men ? – but in the lack of depth made and therefore credibility. Therefore, the director is satisfied to make a succession of scenes of discussion without ever going to find useful, making the pace of the film is disastrous. A big part is summarizing a blabber incessant and without interest.

Even when we would act of indulgence on this aspect of scriptwriting, we are not even fun and entertainment in the action scenes, too poorly controlled. Their small numbers do not necessarily displeasing to us, we regret especially of the big weaknesses in terms of achievement. Is it in bad taste when it comes to Superman, is hardly visible when Batman comes on the scene. We can distinguish for example bad what happens during a pursuit in the Batmobile. This resulting in both of an image that’s too dark – Snyder has still not understood that in order to make the characters “dark” worthy of DC comics, it is not enough to lower the brightness – and camera movements too drafts. And this is not the end, a real firecracker wet limited to a riot of digital effects without flavor (a few blasts of orange light-power, with good feelings between Lois and Clark), who will make an exception. All the more disappointing that it is the successor to a duel highly anticipated between the two super-heroes, but finally evacuated with the greatest of ease. Showing too many imperfections and approximations, BATMAN V SUPERMAN avoids the evil skull of his predecessor, but leaves it decidedly with a back-taste of bitter.

Stone Siclier



Original title : Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Realization : Zack Snyder

Screenplay : Chris Terrio, David S. Goyer

Main actors : Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jesse Eisenberg

Country of origin : U. S. A

Released : march 23, 2016

Duration : 2h33min

Distributor : Warner Bros. France

Synopsis : Fearing that Superman does not abuse of its power, the black Knight decides to face it : the world has there been greater need of a super-hero powers without limit or a vigilante to the force to be reckoned with, but of human origin ? During this time, a terrible threat is looming on the horizon…

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