Hysteria and references to pop-culture: Lego Batman grows to a climax that was more catchy in The great adventure Lego. Gruelling and empty.

The great adventure Lego, it was this masterpiece of modern animation that nobody had seen coming within a production dominated by Pixar, Dreamworks, Laïka and Disney. A film that explored the report, adult and nostalgic Lego, the inventiveness inherent in this toy, a report to the collective subconscious through the notions of licensing, commercial aspects and their ends, a sharp critique of the consumer society (yes, in a film dedicated entirely to a brand !!!)… All this and many other things put into perspectives of the most relevant way possible by a scenario narrating the rebellion of the creative against the decision-makers (!!!) in a parody dystopian of our own reality. It is what it is.

In the margin, the technique of the film were photo-realistic animation of LEGO toys, as well as the staging is hysterical Phil Lord and Chris Miller… in Short: The great adventure Lego “is a film almost perfect, even up to his final recalling the great days emotional of Pixar.

Hollywood being Hollywood, it would have been unthinkable that the studio (Warner) is not capitalized on the public success of the film, 470M$ revenue world. In the great tradition of the universe expanded, Lego Batman tries to push it to its climax it was more catchy in The great adventure Lego : hysteria, humour via references to pop-culture. On arrival, a film stripped of any depth, exhausting, and looking a little too much to caress the viewer geek dan sle direction of the hair. Which, unfortunately, is not enough.

The intro scene pretty much sums up the intentions of the film. The Joker has gathered almost the entirety of the bad guys of the Batman universe in the idea of destroying the city, we are seeing 30 min of non-stop bastons, car chases pétaradantes, explosions disproportionately high and/or improbable, the whole mounted so as epilepsy – without the whole works, as in Lord & Miller.

“Break the fourth wall constantly is not enough to make a movie…” Click to tweet

The advantage of this sequence that says, this is not so much the flood of action that the wealth of the casting is deployed, allowing to operate at 200% humour typical of the works Lego; a sense of humor that makes the viewer his accomplice, as he uses his perception rational to make a mockery of a character or a situation, yet clearly identified in the collective unconscious. And the reference is recent, the result will affect the world. Superman ? But look: it’s a nice! why Batman would fight it against him haha. Robin ? But look! this is when even a guy whose costume is a slip haha, Password ? We all agree: Iron man stinks haha. etc

If, as in some Deadpool, the humor by breaking the constant of the fourth wall does not always fair (or even rarely), and if it is not enough to overcome a lack of ambition in terms of scenario or set the scene, it exudes in spite of all an undeniable stamp sympathy. Because humor speaks to our collective unconscious rather than to our critical judgment. Exactly as the series Stranger Things with theSpirit of Amblin and the 80’s.

Where the movie may, however, surprise, this is when he will eventually, the concept reached its peak, in [SPOIL*]fetching super meta-villains in the movies catalogue by Warner. King Kong Sauron, passing by the Gremlins or Voldemort[END OF the SPOIL]. Surprise, but also annoy, because he is only a second exploitation of an idea strong; a rehearsal opportunist who are bored past the surprise. From the middle of the movie, Lego Batman will be permanently lost any will to logic, to rely on the gaze moved/surprised/amused/wistful of the viewer. Which will be more or less depending on your tolerance.

Then, in the midst of this avalanche of references, the confrontation with the Joker. Movie-of-kids requires, it will not be the psychopath’s usual or even a nasty unpredictable, just a character antagonistic and unidirectional (” I want to do everything fart “). A villain quite bland, serving just a catalyst for the emotional development of the film : Batman is a be unsympathetic because he is alone. In learning to accept the other in its intimate sphere, even his worst enemy, he will finally become someone respectable, the true super-hero that everyone wants to see. Someone of normal which. A scenario in a thousand places, therefore, the anti-establishment of The great Lego adventure.

In short: your kid will probably be dropped three-quarters of the time, but not serious: a few sound effects in the mouth and other sounds of fart fulfill her lack of a culture geek, while he will be hypnotized/freaked out/put to sleep by the hysterical visual deployed to pack this soup of references. For consistency, the emotion, to stimulate the imagination or even provide a moral interesting… It will need ironing. Or re-watch The great Lego adventure.



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Original title : The Lego Batman Movie

Realization : Chris McKay

Screenplay : Seth Grahame-Smith, Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers, Jared Stern, John Whittington, after the characters of Bob Kane and Bill Finger

Main actors : Garance Marillier, Ella Rumpf, Rabah Naït Oufella

Release Date : 8 February 2017

Duration : 1h45min

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