Ce is not that I no longer have my child’s soul. No. Rather, it is that I never had I think. As a result, animation film, except to get me in the front… So the only ones that I snapped joy, smile and good mood are those who go off the beaten path. Everything is formatted, I’m reluctant (Disney, WALL-E, UP There), and everything is original, I mature (THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE, THE THUGS). A movie without words, but with sound effects only, featuring a war of the ants for sugar, the likelihood that I appreciated was all the same high…

And if there’s one tangible thing in this sad world, it’s the math ! Although… I had a maths teacher who told us that everything was relative, and that may be, all of the concepts raised were that wind-and-error ! Then how to judge the quality of the criticism that will follow ? Especially as I am not a specialist of the animated film. But then we can ask the principle of the ” eye of the profane.” A criticism can be that good, provided that one who writes to have a minimum of knowledge ? An opinion is it respectable only if it is issued by a scholar ? But then we come back in an epistemology of the critique absolutely crazy and proposals philosophical debate totally awesome ! You type in the stratosphere !

Good, it might be that I’m quiet. And as I begin the critical. But this column is the image of the film thanks to this uninteresting and lengthy introduction. TINY is a film that takes its time. And of course, who do not pay into boredom, because the rhythm is perfectly controlled. Real dive in the heart of a microcosm particular, the film manages to adapt to the environment so intimate and specific that it puts in place. And this instant and of course very funny. The required pace is an essential factor and sometimes lets you play and create then a shift-up comedy. Insects flying around and ants gallop at breakneck speed, but when the film gives us a human scale, we realize that in reality nothing is so fast and a smile cannot while décrisper our lips.

The funny thing is the surprise with which these moments happen. And this contributes inevitably to comic effect. One of the strengths of TINY and precisely to propose a humorous, unique, original and unexpected. Not obliged but just a crazy desire to make a film that succeeds in combining the ambivalence between the moments of crazy and uninhibited and the coherence of the story. The story line and takes place but it is sprinkled with unpredictable moments of crazy that make the delicious recipe of this work.

The comic is here multiple. And this diversity is a diamond in the rough. A gold mine that allows this film to be so unique and pleasant. The plurality of morphological of humour is a walk key on which the film rests to be able to just afford to take his time and daring sequences absolutely outside the norm. Evidenced by this scene of chase that ends in the water, and even managed to engage a fish. And, in addition to blush for the largest sequences of the hollywood, the sequence has an epic feel exceptional and totally disproportionate by its enormity that it recognizes when you say ” All this while, these are just little ants in a box. “We are overwhelmed, amazed and stunned and we can only congratulate the work of the project.

But let’s get back to the humor and its forms in order to avoid further digressions on the mind blowing scenes that make up the movie (such as the seat of the anthill or even crossing the road (well want ! here I go again !)). Consisting only of sound effects, the soundtrack is obviously a point comic very loud : noises of car horns to the engines by way of the laughter of insects, the level is high and above all very fair. The sound effects fit perfectly and can even succeed to create an atmosphere where we understand the role of each. The other form of humor jumping in the eyes is, of course, humor visual. Nothing that the balls of the eyes of insects is a pure pleasure. Humor, visual distortions, and comic gestures are obviously at the appointment.

“Real dive in the heart of a microcosm particular, the film manages to adapt to the environment so intimate and specific that it puts in place. And this instant and of course very funny.”

But where TINY turns out to be the end and goes beyond simple comedy barely simple (Note the “almost repetition emphatic” that I just made. It is surely not a figure of style, but I am glad of it, and to me says a custodian anyway.), it is in the absurd mastered. Let me explain. A spider living in a doll house and that makes his canvases with frames ? Flies a member of a group like a gang of Bikers ? When the black ants are attacked, they throw in the aspirin to defend themselves ? An ant scholar who knows how to read and solve puzzles ? A forest fire sparked by ants ? I continue or do I stop ?

In a nutshell, TINY is a comedy-subtle, intelligent, sharp, and terribly funny, which dares a comedy unusual and innovative. It is also proof that the French cinema, when he knows how to take all his talent and all his originality, is truly unique and above all very good.

A film invigorating and benefactor, which even made me let go a little, “Aw , they are cute les p’tites bêbêtes” . Am I finally fell back into childhood ? Or am I finally a child ?

That is what it will be when I will make my adolescent crisis at the age of 52…

(NB : I have made the effort to avoid the ” Tiny, it is big “, “Tiny” is a film made to capitalize ” etc., etc., So if you could avoid it also if want to comment you took… Thank you :))

Original title : Minuscule – the valley of The ants lost

Achievement : Thomas Szabo, Hélène Giraud

Scenario : Thomas Szabo, Hélène Giraud

Main players :

Country of origin : France

Released : January 29, 2014

Duration : 1h29mn

Distributor : The Covenant

Synopsis : In a peaceful forest, the reliefs of a picnic trigger a war without thank you between two rival gangs of ants lusting after the same loot: a box of sugar! It is in this storm that a young ladybird is going to bind friendship with a black ant and help him to save his people from the horrible red ants…

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