[critical] Southland Tales

California, 2008. A nuclear attack precipitated America into the 3rd World War. In the Face of the scarcity of fuel, the company’s US-IDent develops a generator of inexhaustible energy, which alters the reality and will radically change the lives of the actor Boxer Santaros, ex-star of the X-Krysta Now and twin brothers Roland and Ronald Taverner, whose destiny is intertwined with that of Humanity as a whole…

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[rating:8.5 out of 10]

Release Date : march 25, 2009

Directed by Richard Kelly

Film american

With Dwayne Douglas Johnson, Seann William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gellar

Duration : 2h24min

Trailer :

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In France, we like to shout everywhere that there is a cultural exception of our home. Of course, this is not that bad but this chauvinism is often shown of the finger to make us consume French products are impaired, and go to a thousand places of delights exotic. This is the case, therefore, the last film of Richard Kelly : Southland Tales. Presented in Cannes in 2006 in a version that is not final, the film has received very mixed by critics and spectators present. Some saw it as a humbug incomprehensible. Other, less many saw it as a complex work, and enchanting in line with the cult Donnie Darko, the previous film of the director.

After its premiere at cannes, the film made the rounds of american festivals and eventually released in a few cinemas in the United States in 2007. In France, it reappears in the end for its DVD release in march 2009 without going through the box film.

The film covers the last days before the revelation that America’s post-9/11 split by infighting, international and national. Thanks to the explosion of a nuclear bomb in Texas, republicans have won the presidential election of 2008, and rushing into a third world war in Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea and Syria. On the ground the united states of america, the party seeks to establish the proposition 69 is removed of rights to their citizens, but must face up to the neo-marxists. These terrorists of the far left are the answer to the oppression of the government and its politico-military organisation US-Ident in charge of national security, but especially to a heightened surveillance and many arrests, arbitrary or summary executions. To address the shortfall in fuel due to the war, a German scientist ally to the republicans created with the fluctuation of ocean energy capable of powered a city, and that can be used for multiple drug effects.

In this big brothel policy, it follows Boxer Santaros, an actor with amnesia started to make a new film and the twins Roland and Ronald Taverner also have amnesia and mysterious but mixed in with the neo-marxists. Around them gravitate a whole bunch of characters, ranging from the porn star Krysta Now converted into a business woman, of small groups of terrorists, neo-marxist, the senator from California and his wife is a director of the US-Ident.

Revelation under the sign of pop culture, the film assembled a lineup of actors, quite unusual for this kind of movie. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson lends his distinctive features and his set of eyebrows to the figure of christ, a schizophrenic Santaros. Seann William Scott in the skin of the twins Taverner sign his finest performance, to a thousand places ofAmerican Pie. By its character, Krysta, Sarah Michelle Gellar plays with his image of pin-up and film shine even more. We can also note that Justin Timberlake as the narrator of the end of the world and the appearances of Christopher Lambert and Kevin Smith.

Speaking of Timberlake, the guy dancing in a short video clip on the bottom of All these Things that I ve Done, illustrating the malaise of the war of his character. The film is sprinkled with talks show, advertisement, boasting the proposal 69, or the energy of Fluid Karma in a bad taste and a style reminiscent ofMTV. Always in the music, the soundtrack is also very pop, especially rock. First Moby , and his melodies planing give rhythm to the film, they are the ” pulse of the film.” For more happiness there is also Muse, The Pixies, Radiohead, Blur and the good old Ludwig Van.

Southland Tales has a scenario rich but very complex, since it plays on both intrigues and international stories more intimate, more close to the people. For a better understanding, it is recommended to see the movie several times and read the first three chapters of the story sold in comics. So we can blame Kelly for not having been able to keep his narrative over two hours. But it is not part of the charm ?

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