[critical] The Raid 2

THE RAID the first of that name, it was a huge coup de tatane in our mouth. A film that déboul(on)has to be 300 at the time, and her with fury, moments of bravery, without worrying about any rigour storyline, without ambition, particular aesthetic, without really trying to give the psychology of his characters. So it was a movie ultra kiffant devoid of reflection other than that of the use and representation of violence, which is reserved for fans of testosterone asian, as expressed through the martial art singular, because quick, straight forward and represented no concession, the Penchak Silat (Pencak Silat in indonesian). A film in which the number of violent deaths would make Robocop (Verhoeven) or Matrix for cartoons, type Dora the Explorer.

THE RAID 2 takes there or had stopped in the first film, and prolongs the agony of the cop’s superhuman Rama. He must now infiltrate a mafia indonesian, destroy it from the inside, but legally, proving materially to his involvement in the criminal networks. But that was before the mafia does not enter into war with another.

A scenario that is not without recalling that of the Infiltrators, (and by extension, Infernal Affairs), Donnie Brasco, films of the period chinese John Woo and many more…

Because THE RAID 2, and this is its first pitfall, attempting to give a real credibility story. The film layer, its illustrious elders, and inspirations, in terms of ambitions. If it is commendable, unfortunately, Gareth Evans is not Scorsese.

His talent lies more in the staging of choreography and in the kif that they provide, that in the narrative, or the transcript of a real atmosphere of a thriller.

Often in THE RAID 2, we feel confused, we wonder what we are doing here, to watch a film that takes himself far too seriously and tries, without the transcend, to make us cling to a story a thousand times already.

A story in which it is anticipated the twists well in advance, which does not convince… A paradoxical desire for quality that night much more to the film that it accompanies.

THE RAID 2, unlike its predecessor, looks too much complexity to the narrative and forget to give a lived with its characters, create empathy. Some seem useless, other, off topic. In particular, these “bosses”, who are never really introduced, and seem present only to add a free, a aspect a manga and an immediate pleasure, when their violent interactions-martial. An observation which applies more generally to the violence in the film.

Only the ambition formally allows for a time to conceal the twist ambitious, which serves THE RAID 2 compared to THE RAID’s first name.

The second blemish of the film is named Iko Uwaïs… The actor, if he was really superhuman when it comes to the latter of the tronches, do otherwise has no charisma. Far but then very far of a Bruce Lee, it only convinces us ever of his danger otherwise that when it finally sees dismantle of the guys, and unlike the first film, the sequencing of these moments is too jerky. So we spend a lot of time laughing at her flabbergasted, his inability to understand the issues of his character, or the film.

Good, I hope all the same that he will never read these lines. I would like to not too much to be spread by this guy.

THE RAID 2 suffers from an ambition that is too heavy, which dilutes the simple pleasure of watching the guys gut free”

The strong point of the film lies between these two negative aspects, and consists in the constant search for that brilliant idea of staging which would reinstate the interest of the action scenes.

Here, it is a fight/gunfight/takedowns on the highway, filmed from the inside of the car.

There, it is a homeric sequence of a brawl immense in the mud, between prisoners and matons.

Or even these [3. 2. 1. FIGHTwith bosses vicious and cables.

The action scenes are present and brilliant, because putting often before the speed of the famous martial art, Penchak Silat, with a fluidity, a sense of framing and cutting best.

The variety of these moments is that narrowly avoids the film seem repetitive and boring. Basically, a bit like in the first film, THE RAID 2 adopts a staged game, mixture of G. T. A. (a character underling assigned to the right-to-left and then moves hierarchically before we see the fall of all) and loves crazy and uninhibited in the No More Heroes (a succession of BOSSES, high number of victims, variety and originality of “combos”).

A logic to his backhand, when we see the linearity and predictability of the clashes, or the length of prominence of some of the scenes. Normal : some fights (Bosses) are more difficult than others.

The quality of the fights – and gunfights, is therefore still present, but diluted in a scenario too seriously and branched out to passionate.

In the end, THE RAID 2 suffers from an ambition that is too heavy, which dilutes the simple pleasure of watching the guys gut for free.

By seeking at any price justification, formal or scripted, it loses its viewer and thus, its reason for being.

Original title : The Raid 2

Achievement : Gareth Evans

Screenplay : Gareth Evans

Main actors : Iko Uwais, Julie Estelle, Yayan Ruhian

Country of origin : Indonesia

Released : July 23, 2014

Duration : 2h30min

Distributor : The Jokers / Le Pacte

Synopsis :After a fight without thank you to get out of a building filled with criminals and madmen, leaving behind heaps of corpses of policemen and dangerous mobsters, Rama, young cop Jakarta, thought to return to a normal life, with his wife and young son…. But he was mistaken. It in fact requires a new mission : Rama will infiltrate the crime syndicate, which coexist in a kind of status quo mafia indonesian and yakusas. Under the identity of ” Yuda “, a killer without pity, he lets himself thrown in jail to gain the confidence of Uco, the son of a magnate of the crime indonesian – the entrance ticket to integrate the organization. On a background of gang warfare, he risk his life in a dangerous role-playing game intended to deal a fatal blow to the empire of crime.

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