Le independent cinema in the US has a lot of talented artists ! Among them, the Duplass Brothers. Two brothers Mark and Jay Duplass author of short films such as Cyrus, Safety Not Guaranteed or Jeff, Who Lives at Home to mention a few. More recently, their show success Togertherness. Here they only come in as executive producers, but we feel their paw come on all the footage. Craig Johnson had worked as a principal actor in True Adolescents, the first feature-length film Mark Duplass – the story of a rocker without success, without job and without girlfriend… As is often one of the roles the leader regarding an artist who’s struggling to assert themselves or to live his passion.

The film therefore focuses on two fraternal twins. Milo is gay and depressed and sees his dreams as an actor escape him. After a suicide attempt, he finds to his bedside his twin sister, Maggie that he has not seen for years. She, too, was going to attempt suicide ! But the call from the hospital for his brother has, so to say, saved. They will then find themselves, to learn to live again together after this long separation (10 years), and especially moving forward, is to rediscover.

A beautiful simple story, which avoids clichés and above all served by a cast perfect.

Wonderful story, therefore, this relationship of fraternal twins. Transported by the duo of comic US Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader. They have the habit of working together-whether it be for the sketches of SNL, or for their role of couple totally distinct in the movie Adventureland. Their complicity is felt on the screen and it is perfect in this film. You truly believe.

In the rest of the cating we found Ty Burrell, of the series Modern Family and even Luke Wilson (brother ofOwenBottle Rocket, Rushmore ,…) in the roles of the former professor at the collège de Milo (he was the victim of a dark case with the latter) and subsequently became librarian to the first and husband of Maggie for the second. What are two roles of secondary but of primary importance for the advance of the two main protagonists. Each will bring to the other, and they will help them to live in their present.

”The cream of the independent cinema in a touching story”

The film addresses contemporary issues such as pedophilia, suicide, or homosexuality treated it with panache without frills or melodrama.

It is a touching story, typical of independent cinema in US of course, but performed with grace and, especially, remarkably interpreted. Special Mention to the scene of the choreography on the song Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

The Blu-Ray of the film is available on import all zones, with track VOST and dubbing VF quebecois


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The Skeleton Twins


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Original title : The Skeleton Twins

Achievement : Craig Johnson

Screenplay : Craig Johnson and Mark Heyman

Main actors : Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Luke Wilson

Country of origin : U. S. A.

Released : September 12, 2014

Duration : 1h33min

Distributor : Roadside Attractions (USA)

Synopsis : Maggie and Milo, false twins lost sight of, are the day where they escape from near death… simultaneously. It is then that they take the time to rediscover.


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