TRANSPECOS, “it is three guys in a desert “. That’s how a group of festival goers summed up in the film, a few minutes before its screening at the festival of Deauville on September 7, 2016. There is some of that in effect. Unfortunately, in the background, there’s not much else, apart from a lot of trouble. And this in spite of the attempts of the writer Clint Bentley and producer Greg Kwedar to make us live a story that mixes drugs and blackmail of the cartel mexican in the area around the border with the United States.

The ” three guys “, they are agents of the border police, which occupy a small position of control, lost in the middle of the desert. Flores and Hobbs, is already in the business for some time, and Davis, the new. Then one can follow with amusement the daily lives of these three men as they can, vannent and tease each other more or less gently, like cowboys on Sunday, drivers who pass their checkpoint. The movie would have almost been able to meet. But when a routine check turns out badly and leads to the discovery of a large drug cargo, Davis turns against his colleagues to save his family.

The situation stands. Under the threat and back to the wall, it is understood that Davis is acting that way. Although less obvious, the intentions of Hobbes that, even if he tries to convince the young man to surrender, will end up strangely by him to offer assistance. TRANSPECOS multiply then the problems for the agents, but with far too much ease so that we can really believe in. If the achievement is not in question – although, since the excellent Sicario films around Mexico and the cartels appear to be very bleak – it is the scenario too light and full of strings that is the problem. However, the most part to “entertain” his audience, the two authors are not never used this situation to share a message or make the slightest criticism. Except possibly to tell us that there are nice mexicans ready to sacrifice themselves to help their neighbour (last quarter of an hour is particularly heavy), or others who have been able to integrate into society, such as Flores and Hobbs. But in the end, without being a bad movie, TRANSPECOS does just not very much and is forgotten immediately.

Stone Siclier

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