[critical] Vertigo

Driven by a desire for adventure and the desire to find a group of friends embarks on a via ferrata, a route of climbing in the high mountains. For Chloé, Guillaume, Fred, Karine, and Loïc, the vertigo of the summits and feelings buried will quickly complicate the journey, as they discover with horror that they are not alone…

The expedition will quickly turn into a nightmare.

Author’s Note


Release Date : June 24, 2009

Directed by Abel Ferry

Film French

With Fanny Valette, Johan Libéreau, Raphaël Lenglet

Duration : 1h 24min

Trailer :

VERTIGO – trailer

sent by baryla. – Short film, documentary and trailer.

There are films that we are looking at knowing for a fact the gear story that they are going to choose over the minutes, the direction that they are going to prefer. This is the case of Vertigo, as it is known, if one has the habit of watching this kind, who is going to die, when, how, and we may even guess a few minutes in advance of the replicas of our beloved desperate souls.

So why watch such a movie, you might ask ? Well, simply by simple desire of voyeurism in respect of these young people who will take dear or to have, such a drug addict missing his fix, his monthly dose of adrenaline. And then perhaps by curiosity about a young director on his first film, Abel Ferry, who has everything to prove in a genre where the French are rather good.

I do attarderais not voluntarily on the play of actors is more limited for not too down completely a film that is not all that bad in the end.

The scenario is certainly of déjà-vu but it leaves the beautiful part to a very beautiful photograph and sequences strong emotion : some of the scenes will evoke many memories for those who have already practiced at least once to the via ferrata (a kind of mix between hiking and climbing). It is truly the strong point of the film : the first part is full of finesse, not tons, and rests only on a single aspect : the fear of the blank, which may give rise to a certain form of paranoia.

For my part, the developer would have had to stop at this first part in making a film about a band of young people that want to live an adventure, but who realize very quickly that nature is not always very friendly towards the Man. If he had stopped there and hadn’t fallen in excess easy, Vertigo would have been a total success.

Unfortunately Abel Ferry has not followed this path and was engulfed in the clichés of a genre that does not bring anything new since a lot of years. His film switches quickly in the terror-horror without flavor, where everything has already been done, everything has already been seen many times.

We follow with less interest in the progress of the plot as the stereotypes abound from all sides for us to drown in a patchwork that get excited the fans of the genre. Each new scene is reminiscent of The Descent, Wilderness , or Detour Fatal to mention only these three.

We also cannot but regret the absence of scenes of clashes or prosecution on the route of the via ferrata. Advertising sells us a movie that was supposed to make us shiver before a framework can be dizzying and nerve-wracking, but no scene of this kind is this : exit the rockies and the adrenaline, the second part of the film takes place only in the middle of the forest, spoiling the pleasure of many spectators.

So in the end, Vertigo is not a bad movie per se, it is just a film in half-tone which begins positively, with beautiful sequences to end negatively (the opposite would have been preferable !). So, it is a negative image that we will keep with its barrage of shots in all the sauces that degrade gradually the credibility and effectiveness of the film.

Its expense, Abel Ferry, was engulfed head-first into the traps of the genre. Hope it is only a faux pas due to his young experience producer (Vertigo is his first film) and that it will adjust its trajectory quickly.

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