Thees fans of the comedy the English have cause for celebration with the dvd release of LOVE AND CONSEQUENCES. Very oriented “humor british”, it brings together a cast of choice : Ewan McGregor, Eileen Atkins (Gosford Park, Cold Mountain, or Magic in the Moonlight, the next Woody Allen), Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey), Tom Hardy (Inception), Andrew Lincoln (The Arnacœur), Gina McKee ( lightning in Notting Hill), and Polly Walker (from the series Rome)…

All this beautiful world intersects at Hampstead Heath (the Heath), great old park which dominates London, and of which we can appreciate the topography, between hills and valleys. Achieved at a lower cost on 2 of 3 shooting days per actor and a film director and a screenwriter beginners (Edward Blum and Aschlin Ditta), the scenario is completed smoothly works by scenes (7 total), which is explicitly mentioned in the original title in English “Scenes of a Sexual Nature”. Each of them focuses on a couple. And no one is left ! We meet the husband in the eye, player, the couple divorced, the gay couple of which one is desirous of paternity, while displaying clear tendencies to flirt, the girl freshly separated, ready to do anything and even worse, the flirty, troublesome, seductive… Only those who seem to access a certain romanticism are two customers found after years and two singles celebrating with a picnic as their first date.

LOVE AND CONSEQUENCES reminiscent of Woody Allen to what is the decryption codes lovers, human behaviours and flaws in the couple’s life, but what varies is the brevity of the scenes that are juxtaposed without necessarily direct links between the characters. Only the park, its immensity, its hiding places, and especially its benches engraved, built-in redundancy of the scenery, seem to mark a hyphen in between each of these stories.

The director is well aware of the nature of a park, of what it means to a sociological level, by highlighting some elements of this microcosm of man that he is home for a summer day. There are the hurt, the unresolved, the slingers, the without-genoa, the nostalgic : so many portraits of colourful as know if we serve the comedies English. As a field of infinite possibilities, the park is the location of the link is done or is undone, in an eternal cycle. Beings are destined to meet, to relax, to observe, to walk, to flirt, or even more affinities.

“As a field of infinite possibilities, the park is the location of the link is done or is undone, in an eternal cycle.”

Park Heath, unique decor, brings freshness to the film : it is a breath of fresh air, under the golden sun of a summer English that is given to us to smell. The choice of the place and the season seem to be a pretext to exacerbate in the characters sexuality at flower of skin. Despite a slow start, and chaotic, some of the stories are well done and the dialogues are always well constructed with a sense of humor pest served by very good actors. We regret, however, that some stories are forgotten for the benefit of others who take up too much room in the film, denoting a balance of the film rather arbitrary.


Released on February 5, 2014, the dvd is edited by Koba films. The quality of the images, which are, as veiled, did well feel the atmosphere in the English. The film which was released in 2006 in England is no longer very young, and the actors have since added new films to their counter. Of course, the original version subtitled in French is best suited if one wants to do nothing to lose the English accent, intonations peculiar to that sense of humor “so british”, to be very effective. The bonus with the making-of is very interesting because the actors, the director and the writer tell about the genesis of the film, the story of its unexpected success, referring to the shooting conditions as well as post-production and distribution.

This article was produced in the framework of a partnership with Cinetrafic and Koba films, for more information click here.

Original title : Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Achievement : Edward Blum

Screenplay : Aschlin Ditta

Main actors : Ewan McGregor, Holly Aird, Eileen Atkins, Hugh Bonneville, Tom Hardy, Douglas Hodge, Adrian Lester, Andrew Lincoln, Gina McKee, Catherine Tate, Ellie McKenzie, Sophie Okonedo, Eglantine Rembauville-Nicolle, Stephen Samson, Nicholas Sidi, Mark Strong, Polly Walker, Benjamin Whitrow

Country of origin : Great Britain

Output : 5 February 2014 (DVD)

Duration : 1h30mn

Distributor :

Synopsis : The different relationships and the different ways of seeing the love through the seven couples at a picnic in a garden of Hampstead Heath, in the north of England.

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