The ARTIST AND HIS MODEL is a nice surprise. A film that goes a little unnoticed when it was released (in march) and yet a real jewel. The film hits already by its originality : the choice of the black and white of the one part, and the subject featuring an artist (sculptor) at the end of career camped by a player of accuracy, dandy, Jean Rochefort. Between fragility and dramatic tension, the latter perfectly embodies the aspirations of an artist striving for his ultimate work.

Tribute Film to his deceased brother, a sculptor, Fernando Trueba has waited to the age of maturity to finally realize what he was carrying in him for a long time. Beyond a sensitivity to flower of skin, The ARTIST AND HIS MODEL is a veritable ode to Nature, a bath in the fountain of youth for the eyes who appreciate the framing and the images freeze sometimes as many photographs, bathed by the light of the South. Indeed, it is the Pyrénées-Orientales but also in the natural Park of the volcanic area of the Garrotxa, in Spain, that serve as backdrop to the plot. There are many scenes where we see the young Mercé, model for the sculptor, pedaling in the forest or a swim in a lake, illustrating by the same token the idea of the artist according to which only the Nature and the woman are sources of beauty, and therefore a creation of God.

The ARTIST AND HIS MODEL is a real ode to Nature.

The film shuffles different topics related to artistic creation : the dissatisfaction of the artist, his inspirations (here the body of the woman through Mercé, but also Claudia Cardinale, portraying his wife, formerly a model deemed to be, or still busy on the terrace of a café), his rages and his moments of reflection on the life and work of his fellow students. For example, a very nice scene where Jean Rochefort explains to the young Mercé all the tenderness from a sketch by Rembrandt.

The ARTIST AND HIS MODEL is a film that is strong, touching and that gives off a definite grace. On the background of the Second world War, the political context continues to be very little present – Fernando Trueba pays tribute to the creation and gives Jean Rochefort, in a role almost tailor-made that we feel are in agreement with the man and his deep sensitivity.



Summer of 1943, in occupied France, not far from the Spanish border. Marc Cros, a famous sculptor, lives with his wife Leah who has long been his model. Tired of life and of the folly of men, it is in search of a new inspiration, but nothing seems to be out of the monotony ambient. Lea cue Mercé, a young Spanish woman escaped to a refugee camp, and offers to pose for her husband. The old artist discovers a new muse and starts to work on his last work…

Original title : The artist and his model

Achievement : Fernando Trueba

Scenario : Jean-Claude Carrière and Fernando Trueba

Main actors : Jean Rochefort, Aida Folch, Claudia Cardinale, Götz Otto, Chus Lampreave, Christian Sinniger, Martin Gamet…

Country of origin : France, Spain

Output : November 19, 2013 (DVD)

Duration : 1: 45

Distributor : Bac Films

Trailer :

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Publisher : Bac Films

Distributor : Zylo

Number of disc(s) : 1

Format : DVD-9

Case : Keep Case

Bitrate : –

Authoring : –

Video Format : 2.35

Zone : 2

Standard : PAL

Image : Black and White

Audio : Dolby Digital French 5.1

Subtitles : None

Deaf and hearing impaired : French


– The filmmaker and his models

– Trailers



The originality of the DVD takes a lot to the choice of the black and white makes it all the more visible the play of light between the light of the sun and shade, so important in the apprehension of a sculpted work. The musical band is absent from this film, which has chosen to put in before the silence linked to the creation, with the sole presence of the actors ‘ voices, and the sounds of nature. This is a bias as it is successful does not create any slowness or any trouble. The supplements are interesting to the part devoted to the interview of the director. We regret a little making-of directed by Aida Folch leaves absent images : a glance of the actress for this film, in which she poses naked most of the time.

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