Deauville – Trouville 2012 : Day 2

This is the big day before the screening of the film Paris in love in the framework of the festival off-courts de Trouville. What I can tell, the nervousness is beautiful and well there. The main reason ? A sound very average, which could be disastrous with the materials of cinema.

After you have written the reviews and report of the previous day, I’m off to Deauville to change me the ideas. The program, a meeting with the great William Friedkin, director, The French Connection, The exorcist or even the convoy of fear. As often with the masterclass, and this meeting proved to be exciting. William Friedkin has covered many topics such as editing, directing as well as filming some of the sequences broadcast during the meeting. He also spoke about his influences : Hitchcock and the French new wave, especially François Truffaut and Alain Resnais. According to him, no need to make a cinema school because everything there is to know, all the experiments are possible in these different movies.

Initially planned for a duration of one hour, the meeting lasted over two hours, for the pleasure of the people present in the room.

I then resumed the direction of Trouville in order to prepare myself for the screening of the film. Six other films in the competition France were projected at the same time that Paris in Love. Five of them have benefited from the funding of a production company, a region and/or from the CNC. The sixth seems, like Paris in Love, to have been made with very little means. We are, therefore, two “petits poucets” face 5 “blockbusters” of the short film.

The screening went very well, with a room full of people of all ages. The sound of the movie was more than honest and each of the short films was applauded after its screening. Hugo Oriol, one of the main actors of Paris In love, had made the trip from Paris to attend the screening. We then chained with a drink at the village festival and then with the screening at the Deauville film She is called Ruby, a new comedy from the directors of Little Miss Sunshine, which you can read my review here.

A new busy day was spent. Tomorrow promises to be also particularly interesting with the opening of the film market of off-courts.

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