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Red/ Green/ Blue


It is one of the resolutions that I made in the beginning of the year ” school “. I would like, several times a year, to put before someone, a reader of the blog or not, so that he could share his passion for cinema with you, in order that it provides you with other information, to another axis or another point of view. That is why, today, I want to talk to you about William and his You tube channel : RougeVertBleu.

I have made the acquaintance of William in the month of April last. I watched with great interest to his videos. And you know what ?! The tone, the guy and the tips it gives to help you live your passion of cinema, I immediately liked it. But the mysteries of computers have made me late to tell you about it…today is the old history :

Then RougeVertBleu what is it ?

This is a Youtube channel that talks about everything that may touch the video. There you will find :

  • Tips
  • Interviews
  • Tutorials
  • News on the materials

But before all the chain of Guillaume wants to be funny and helpful while speaking of sound, image, editing and post-production in general, the production, the direction of actors, or even the broadcast.


Here is the video presentation of William for the launch of his chain :


You can well imagine that this is not the only reason for which I speak to you, Guillaume !

Not only it is young, it is funny, but it is someone who moves. To convince you I suggest you read the Interview that follows ;o) :


Tom : where do you come From ?

Guillaume : I am passionate about video creation since I was very small. I started with the Hi8 camera of my father. I did the ” turn-up “.

I directed my first short film written to 11 years old.


Tom : This is funny ! The first camera I touched it was the HI8 , my grand-father…I’ve still got the pictures today and…it is terrible lol


William : Then I had the chance to have a capture card, analog and can start to make my first edits with Pinnacle.

And then high School audiovisual Amiens. When I had a digital camcorder I started to fiddle around with Premiere Pro. And then film school, implementation section, 3 years in Paris

Then I mounted my box Synchronous.tv with which I have been able to invest in gear pro and make videos of commands (pubs, reports, and other).

To get back to creating I’ve been to all the 48HFP in France with my team, ” Parasites “. It has won 4x the Best Films on the 5 cities where it participated.

The films are left in the final international in Hollywood, and there it has won :

  • 2nd Best Film
  • Best-Case Scenario
  • Best Actor (Bastien Ughetto)
  • Best Use of the subject matter imposed.

And 4 nominations including Best Director for me ?


Tom : It’s amazing, also I put the film ” Symptom of love “ that I find really great. 7 minutes mastered, it is well played, we do not get bored…in short, it is malin !

Tom : what inspired you to create this string : Red/ Green/ Blue ?

Guillaume : RougeVertBleu is my YouTube channel with which I give advice to people who want to improve in the video.

I am trying to create the string as I would have liked to see when I was a teenager because I find that level francophone content quality on the video, there was not a great thing.


Tom : Yes, it is true, it is also the case in the scenario and the cinema

Guillaume : It is both the sharing of a passion, because I like to talk about the video, and a vengeance vis-à-vis the school of cine and this mentality of wanting to keep what one knows to us for fear of creating future competitors.


Tom : I understand what you say when you speak of “Revenge” even if I would not have used this word here. It is also for this reason that “How to Make A Movie” exists. It is not normal that the knowledge or the correct procedures to follow or if opaque or difficult to obtain. This is not because we do not have the tray, not been able to do school or not means that you can’t make cinema. This is art ! And to make the art, the degree, the money or the school must not be a brake .


William : Me too, I think it’s great that the video creation is democratized, especially as I believe in the power of the video. And I think that if most people mastered this tool of communication, knowledge and information become more independent and wealthy and it would save the world ! ?


Tom : how do you have subscribers ?

Guillaume : I’ve gone over the 3000 subscribers there was not a long time, which is little but it makes you happy even when ?


Tom : You put online a video every week, month ?

Guillaume : I posted 1 video every two weeks but I will go to 1 per week !


Tom : You turn and climb at home ?

Guillaume : Yes I make my videos for me ;o)


Tom : And you stick with what ? Because many people think that you need a camera that kills, projos and a chief op…not to mention microphones 3000 euros a piece…


Guillaume : I shoot with a wide angle (10-20mm Sigma) on a Sony FS700 and the micro Sony sold with (equivalent to a Rode NTG2), the whole set on Manfrotto tripod-mounted max height.

I have a manda, which illuminates the ceiling a little in front of me and a borniole (black cloth) recovered, which serves as a black background.


Tom : How many time do you take a video ?

Guillaume : What takes the most time for my videos in RGB (RougeVertBleu), this is surely the writing. Otherwise I can turn 6 in a day. (By the way, for the moment, I’ve only done 2 days of filming) And I can mount 4 / day.


Tom : have you already achieved ?

Guillaume : Yes, you can see my creations, especially on the YouTube page of the Parasites : https://www.youtube.com/c/LesParasitesFilms


I also realize the videos with Ludovik. I’ve done the ones where he thanked his 700 000 fans, 800, 000 and soon shall come to pass that of the 900 000 ?


Tom : You have been produced by prods or an association ?

Guillaume : For the moment everything was done on a voluntary basis, among friends. It is often in very small team :

Me : Director / Chief operator / Fitter

– Jérém : Assistant Director / Co-Réal

– Math : as a sound engineer / Mixer

The others are actors. It’s great to be in a small team to go fast. I recommend it to everyone to begin with. It should not crash with a big team that we can’t handle. But it obviously has its limits in terms of prep, decorations, accessories etc


Tom : to go back to your chain RougeVertBleu, what is your goal eventually ?

Guillaume : The purpose term for RGB, it is to create a maximum of quality content : I have lots of ideas of interviews, tests matos, topics, podcasts etc ?

My personal goal is obviously to achieve long ?


Tom : to Realize long-this is yet another adventure that many readers of “How to Make A Movie”; o) What is the feedback/ anecdotes that you’ve got people that follow thee ?

Guillaume : I have great feedback on RGB ! People who send me messages of thanks great nice ! And full of questions and a lot of requests for new videos.


Tom : Thank you Guillaume for me to have devoted a little of your time as well as to the readers of “How to Make a Movie” ;o)


That’s it for this Interview. To end this article I leave you in the company of Guillaume with his video titled : ” The 18 errors of the filmmakers beginners” It gave me a lot to laugh, it is evil and full of truths. So if you want to achieve and/ or improve yourself, I strongly advise you this video ! Obviously all the content and videos of Guillaume are free !!

That’s it for this article on William and his string of Red/ Green/ Blue.

Theallow me your comments at the bottom of the article.

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Thank you to those who will make it ;o) and that are already doing that ;o).

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Has next Sunday. In the meantime, live your passion to the fullest and don’t be too paranoid ;o)

Tom Weil

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