How much should you pay an actor ?

Combien doit-on payer un acteur ?

How much does a comedian ?


This week we are going to talk about : money and comedian. This is a moment that I want to do this article, for two reasons :

  • Because I had a comment on an old article where I went on rates of the actors. This comment was said in substance, ” you tell them anything “ without, of course, demonstrate that I was wrong. You, who are avid readers, you know that I don’t know everything and fortunately. In addition, I could be wrong and I’m the first to admit it. ;o)
  • The second reason is that some of you turn with actors, and find themselves stupidly stuck or do not know how to deal with their future as actors.

The actor and his image

Let’s start by dealing with this topic a little tricky. Recently a reader asked me a very simple question or at least explained his problem : A comedian with whom he comes to work (rotate) without making him sign right in the image , or contract, asked today of the money failing which, he no longer wishes to appear in his film.

And he has every right ! Even if nobody had forced him to turn, he played knowingly, if he no longer wants to appear, he has the right to do. Perhaps he thought that the shooting of this film was meant for only a private and not be broadcast…the bad faith exists everywhere ;o)


The director amateur has thus 2 choices :

  • Pay
  • Return the plans or the whole movie if that actor was his main character


The problem of pay is that it may be a snow ball…and if the other actors know it can quickly become of the great no matter what…Even if all the actors or people who say they are actors are not all (thankfully) scammers first. Or turn again to his movie by avoiding making the same mistakes. A walk-on who had not signed an image rights may also oppose the dissemination and ask for money.

So how do you avoid ending up in this situation ?

  • contracts to the actors even if they are not paid !
  • To sign an image rights for the extras etc…


AND That’S ALL ! If you follow these two steps you’ll never have a problem. Not only because in the contract it will be stipulated that the film will be broadcast on all media that exist or that are not yet invented. In addition, this contract will protect and protect you against possible blackmail, such as : You pay, or your film remains in a closet !


And even if it is a movie enthusiast, semi-pro or pro !


I’m short, I have no money to pay

I’ve already talked about it but I repeat it here. To have real actors not need to be a Rothschild or Besson ! A lot of actors willing to appear in short films or films without being paid. This serves as demo and you can try or play roles that they do not have the habit of doing. In addition, if the film works in the festival, if it is bought by a chain, this is a great showcase. The important thing for an actor is to be seen ! An actor who does not play it is an actor that does not exist. It is the same thing as for a scenario that is not read or a movie that is not seen.


Then, a comedian how much does it cost ?

The answer to this question is not so simple because it is necessary to take into account the project.

For a long feature the daily rate of 8 hours a stamp of an actor is of minimum : € 400/ day


Why such an amount

  • The stamp base is 219,20 € (27,40/ Hour X 8 hours)
  • Benefits for the skin – Makeup – Hair styling (HMC) roe 16.40 €
  • Increase of 75% for a stamp isolated. Only on the first 8 hours.


For a feature-film package of the week (5 days minimum) 8 hours a stamp of a comedian is to a minimum : 1 212,25 € / week


Why such an amount

  • The stamp of base 27,40/ hour x 35 hours + 5 hours increased by 25%
  • + 5 hours of compensation for the HMC to 16, 40 euros
  • 6 days would be = to 1 502, 65 euros


If we were to understand the meaning of this tariff and the provision of a comedian we could break it down like this :

  • 37% for the’operating room of a cinema in the commercial sector and the non-commercial sector and in any place with the public
  • 25% to theoperating TV
  • 10% for theoperating VOD
  • 15% for DVD, Blu-ray discs for private use
  • 13% for secondary exploitation and derivative products.


I’m not going to give you the base rate for tv movies because in the end this may not apply to you. Me finally, if you insist all of you I will ;o)

Note that the supporting roles on television movies and/ or series recurrent may be entitled to a daily wage of 1,000 euros/ day.

And then for the 1st roles(lead) reached 5 000 euro/ day. Some of the stars of the small screen do sometimes fly these rates of wages to be 5 zeros for 21 or 23 days of shooting, with tablets/ day, around 8 000 to 10 000 euros. But this is not the major part of the actors, they are even quite rare.

How I’m going to do for my short film ?

Actually, we can’t pay an actor € 400/day or 1 212,25/ week for a comedian and for your short film !

This is why the SPI, the trade union of independent producers, has reached an agreement for actors working on the short.

For a short film the daily wage for 8 hours a stamp of a comedian is to a minimum : 142,96 euros/ day


For a short film the package of 5 days of 8 hours/day of a stamp of a comedian is to a minimum : 536,20 euros/ week


For a short film the package of 6 days of 8 hours/day of a stamp of a comedian is to a minimum : 643,35 euros/ week


How to finance the salary of actors ?

TheADAMI is a structure that allows you to make a request for funding for the short films of fiction. This structure allows you to :


Funding of 80% of the salaries of the actors TTC (except the extras)


It is necessary in order to achieve this certain criteria :

  • Short film of maximum 30 minutes
  • It should be 3 actors on the screen (excluding the extras)
  • Hiring of professional actors according to the scale feature film)
  • Be an association or a society of production

Once again I speak to you of money, of wages , because it is not necessary to hide the face, the film is our passion but it is our job or it will become. Making a short film requires a lot of energy and resources. But it must not do no matter what because you can be in the hands of a scenario that is worth gold. Do not sign a contract or right for the image it is suicidal. Not aware of any aid around of you it is do the job in half and put the money personally in his projects goes back to the idea that it is as suicidal as not to make the sign of the right to the picture QED.


Often the actors will play for you for free because they love your project, your energy and the universe you’ve built. But now you know how much it costs ;o)


That’s it for this article on how much does a comedian

Let me have your comments at the bottom of the article.

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Has next Sunday. In the meantime, live your passion to the fullest and don’t be too paranoid ;o)

Tom Weil

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