District 9 : trailer

Here is the trailer of District 9

The pitch : District 9 is based on Alive In Joburg, a short film produced by Neill Blomkamp, Sharlto Copley, Simon Hansen and Shanon Worley. Copley ensured that also the interpretation of one of the police officers interviewed. The short film tells the story of aliens that landed in Africa, to Johannesburg, confined and “ghettoisés” in specific areas and working as slaves. In the film, these aliens are called “Non-Humans” and are operated by the company Multi-National United (MNU), a firm that also uses the alien technology.

District 9 was directed by Neill Blomkamp , of which this is the first film, with William Allen Young (Inside Job, the series The Experts), Robert Hobbs (In The Name Of Freedom, The Track) and Kenneth Nkosi (My Name Is Tsotsi).

Release Date in cinemas : August 26, 2009

Official website : www.anti-mnu-district-9.com

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