How can I use Vodafone USB modem as Wi-Fi?

How can I use Vodafone USB modem as Wi-Fi?

How to: Connect with a USB modem

  1. Go to the Vodacom website’s Help section, and click on Data & Devices. Select your device using the drop-down menus.
  2. Follow the instructions.
  3. Restart your computer, making sure your USB modem is in the USB slot.
  4. When the computer restarts, go to the Vodafone Mobile Broadband software.

How do I connect my Vodafone mobile broadband to a USB stick?

The first time you plug in your USB stick, it will show up on your desktop like a standard USB memory stick. From the USB stick window, double-click the file called Vodafone Mobile Broadband. Select “Vodafone Mobile Broadband” and click “Continue”. Slide the back cover off the USB Stick, and insert your SIM as shown.

How do I connect my Vodafone Wi-Fi dongle?

How do I set up my data dongle?

  1. Slide the front cover off the dongle and insert the SIM.
  2. Plug the dongle into your computer’s USB port.
  3. Find your Data Dongle network and connect to it.
  4. If you’re on Pay as you go, you’ll need a data pack to access the internet.

What is a Vodafone mobile stick?

Your new Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB Stick lets you connect your computer to the internet over the Vodafone high-speed mobile phone network. Browse the web. You can now access the web and any other internet service wherever there’s a mobile phone network.

How do I connect a USB modem to a router?

Connect the USB Modem: Plug the USB modem into the USB port on your wireless router. Login to the router: Connect your PC, laptop, or mobile device to the router’s wireless network and login to the admin section of your router using the password you selected during setup.

What is LAN domain?

Local subnetwork domains: On a local area network (LAN), a domain is a subnetwork made up of a group of clients and servers under the control of one central security database. All devices sharing a common part of an address, or URL, are said to be in the same domain.

What does a USB to rj45 dongle do?

A USB-to-Ethernet adapter is a device that can provide an interface between a USB connection and an Ethernet connection. They’re useful in situations where one device only has a USB port and the other only has an Ethernet port.

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