How many London bus garages are there?

How many London bus garages are there?

We currently have 16 garages across London: ASutton. CCroydon. NPNorthumberland Park. RAWaterloo.

What bus companies operate in London?

London General Transport Services Ltd.

  • London Sovereign Ltd.
  • London Transit, London United.
  • Metrobus Ltd.
  • Metroline Travel Ltd.
  • Metroline West Ltd.
  • South East London & Kent Bus Company Ltd.
  • Sullivan Bus & Coach Ltd.
  • When did Hornchurch bus garage close?

    Hornchurch – RD Rebuilt in 1954, the garage was among the first to close, in September 1988, as a result of route losses under competitive tendering. It was the first garage to have an allocation of the new Leyland Titan (B15) buses.

    When did Plumstead bus garage open?

    Plumstead bus garage opened in 1981 on former military land that had been vacated and replaced an older bus garage that has stood on the corner of Wickham Lane and King’s Highway. Today a large DIY warehouse stands on the spot.

    What is depot short for?

    Acronym. Definition. DEPOT. Dot Enumeration Perceptual Organization Task.

    What’s the longest bus route in London?

    route X26
    Although route X26 is the longest bus route wholly in London and the longest in terms of distance (14 miles) and journey time (up to 144 minutes), it’s not the longest bus route to serve London.

    Where are the Arriva depots in London?

    Arriva London North Limited; Arriva London South Limited, 16 Watsons Road, Wood Green, London, N22 7TZ Part of Arriva a DB Company Depots: Ash Grove Mare Street, Hackney, London, E8 4HR Barking 638 Ripple Road, Barking, London, IG11 0ST Brixton 39 Streatham Hill, London, SW2 4TB

    What is a London bus garage code?

    Every garage operating services that form part of the London bus network is given an official London bus garage code. Such codes are given not only to garages running London bus contracts, but also to those running commercial bus services under London bus agreements.

    Are there any anomalies in the allocation of London Transport garage codes?

    There are a number of historical anomalies with the allocation of codes. When Ash Grove garage opened in 1981, it was coded AG by London Transport. As an operational garage that has opened and closed several times over the years, it now carries the code AE, formerly the code of the long closed Hendon garage and the AG code is currently unused.

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