how to write a script, fast !

écrire un scénario, vite !

How to write a screenplay in no time


Day-to-day is hotting up, the computers are faster and faster so that the common man does not use a quarter of the potential. The consumption of information has never been greater, the internet user base zaps faster and faster…in short, we would already have arrived before they are gone…which brings us to the topic for today : how to write a scenario in a short time ? Because even the art and the passion to write are affected by this syndrome. All the weeks we have seen the rise of books, tips or tricks to become rich, famous, or write a script in 2 hours.

Write a scenario with spontaneous writing

The one who gives you a technique to write a screenplay in a very short time is a…

…liar. So yes, I know that some of you have read or are familiar with the book : How to write a movie in 21 days : The method of spontaneous writing of Vicky King, adapted by Gérard Krawczyk is !

But if you have read this book, based on spontaneous writing, you know how difficult it is to keep commitments, and to write a scenario worthy of the name. Indeed, by day you can write between 15 and 30 pages ! But mostly, you spend as much time rewriting, and then all the world can not take 21 consecutive days to write a script…you have to live a little ;o) So, yes, it is true that it is more 21 steps in 21 days…but then ? or is the promise of speed ?

In addition, if you do not know the basics of the writing, the structure or your character sheets, you go right into the wall !

In fact, you already use this technique of spontaneous writing. After a turn or two on the net, history to understand the main workings of the script writing, you throw yourself into the adventure and come what may.

Then you write quickly, carried away by the force of the inspiration ! But after ?! Once reaching the end, you have your first jet and it is already a good point, but frankly ? Have you written a screenplay ?

My analysis on your work

Most of the time, no ! I have read this year no fewer than a hundred of projects (yes you read that right), pitch, synopsis, continuities dialoguées or treatment !

Also, if you follow the blog, you know that I stopped to read and analyze your projects because you are too many and few have played the game.

Let us return to our sheep, 98% of the scenarios that I’ve read suffer from the same symptoms or any of these symptoms : characters are inconsistent , or weak, side stories of non-existent or not related to the main story, poor structure, dialogue, explanatory, or too demonstrative, but the scenes are already saying the same thing, topic poorly defined. For the 1% that remains, it’s just small changes or calibration.

However, a large number of these scenarios has an interest, or in the treatment of which the story is told, either in the characters or the point of view adopted. In most of the scenarios received, we feel a genuine desire to do well, but the speed trumps the quality (there is also the lack of practice, knowledge or technology, but this is not the topic)

The other problem that I could detect, is that you don’t know, once your scenario writing, into which you turn. Of course family and friends are guinea pigs easy, but rare are those who know how to read a scenario and take a step back.

Write a scenario application of the’humility and a certain decline. I know that sometimes, you’ve been surprised by my returns pretty direct on your work, it is true. Since the beginning, I promised to tell you the truth, but also to guide you towards your goal.

Please be aware that this is nothing next to the indifference of a large part of the profession vis-à-vis your work or huge slaps that you will take if you send your script as it is.

Then the solutions to write a script quickly and well, what is it ?

Whether you are writing a short film or a long, the secrets of success lie in the preparation and theorganization. Yes, I know it is boring ! There was only one desire, and that is to put on paper or the computer all of our ideas, build the story to see what it gives and self-congratulate in front of our masterpiece ! Then move on to another story, write a script, etc…Yeah.

Those of you who have the chance of getting there…sorry that will have all the chances to get there are those who will be organised and…methodical.

ATTENTION : I would like to clarify a point. Some of you are very prolific or know already the entire film. In this case nothing prevents you to write your scenario in a block. Once you have arrived at the end, you will have to just deconstruct it to see if it works.

Nothing shocks you in what I have just said ? I just got to contradict with the beginning of this article where I said that it was a mistake to write your scenario of a block !

Write a scenario, your scenario, in the form of a continuity dialogue is in fact a mistake gold-write your whole story in the form of a treatment, that is to say, a long synopsis is a extraordinary idea to have a global vision of your scenario.

Why ?

Because it allows you towrite a script very quickly. If you write a short, you can finish the first draft of your screenplay in a few hours or a few days. If it is a long film or a tv movie this can be in a few days or weeks.

Advantage : you do not tell that the vitall, no dialogues, no problem of complex structures, a sense of progress and pride almost immediate. You forget for the moment the moments of discouragement or difficulties.

Write a scenario : A global vision

I have said earlier, this allows you to have a vision for a global and condensed your story. Therefore, it is more simple, once this step is completed, resume the founding elements of your story : characters, quests, triggers, three acts and 12 stages of the hero’s journey.

This enables you also to test the faster your idea around you and to know if it is a story that resonates, if it is a part of universality.

I see scenes and dialogues, I’m afraid to forget

Write a treatment of 15 to 25 pages maximum for a long, or 1 to 3 pages for a short, depending on its length and complexity, should not frustrate you. You need to go back to the basics and write the beginning, middle and end, but you also need to write the ins and outs of the story, the quest, the relations between the characters so that while your scenario is coherent. In this way the reader understands all the issues and not you pestering questions such as : “why the hero does it it’s” or “Who is that character,” Etc.

But the creative process is complex. How to write a story without defining a character, the place where he lives, how he speaks, the conflicts he will encounter, enemies , etc…in Short all the ideas, images, or dialogues that you come naturally.

In this case, stop writing your treatment, take a break, create a new document and set your idea of dialogue, action, conflict, etc… close your document and continue writing your story. Ditto if your mind goes faster than your fingers, let me explain : sometimes, writing the treatment, our mind Flashes on a scene that will occur later. In this case, use the same principle as quoted above.

Once you have finished, you can resume all of your ideas and incorporate them in a timely manner in your scenario.


Tips AND TRICKS : when you create a document, make folders for each category : Dialogues, scenes, general ideas, places, characters etc…

This will facilitate your research in a timely manner.

Write a scenario quickly, but not only…

Write a scenario as a result of treatment will allow you d’to go very fast, and why not, move on to another idea. This is the best way to get everything that you have in mind, without frustration or loss of time. You will not spend not more months to work on a FBI (a good idea).

In these conditions, it is possible to write a script in no time ! Forgiveness ! It is possible to write your history in a short time. This is the scenario, it will be more difficult and time consuming.

Normally, it is at this point that you need help. At the beginning of this article, I told you that I didn’t want to/ couldn’t read your projects, this is not quite accurate. I believe, inside of me, that I can bring you more than simple principles or advice, by my knowledge and experience. Shortly, I will propose solutions to continue to help you and much more ;o)

I hope that this article on : how to write a scenario in a short time ? you enjoyed it ;o)

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Thank you to those who will make it ;o)

One last thing, I am a man of his word. Those who have sent their scenario , and to whom I promised an analysis will be provided soon ;o)

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