the film crew, how to find it ?

équipe de tournage, comment la trouver ?

Find his crew


I had promised some time ago to do an article on this topic : to Find his crew. By lack of time, I had to postpone it for later… I caught up so this lack today ;o).

You are many to want to turn in the best conditions and have the best rendering possible. Certainly the hardware is important but if you don’t have someone who knows how to use it or if you do not have broken arms, it doesn’t do anything. If your team is not a force of proposals and does not bring you the best solutions, it doesn’t do anything either. In these conditions, the money that you spend, regardless of your budget, will be the money…

…thrown through the windows.

But before we tell you how to find his crew, I’ll make a quick list of what you need.

A film crew, yes, but what position ?

A film crew will consist ofa minimum of technicians to as “the machine” works correctly. There is always a way to do it with less people than the list below ! But what follows is for me the bare minimum for a crew ;o) Here I am obviously speaking for a short film. Knowing that for a long, it’s another story made of conventions, social charges, contracts, intermittent, etc…, in short, another dimension ;o) Here are the list of positions to be crucial.

– A chief operator/ camera operator

– Assistant camera

– A script

– A gaffer

– A chef machino

– A 1st assistant director

– A second assistant director or trainee

– A stage manager

– A manager assistant or trainee

– A prop master/ set decorator

– Sound engineer

– A boom operator

– Director of production

These are the people who must make up your technical team, obviously there are also the director. But if you are in a very small economy and that you shoot with a Camcorder, a camera , or an APN…you can bypass thewizard camera, machino (and find a technician who is willing to do both).

But for me, it is the basis for a film crew. You can always do less, but I have to tell you about a turning semi-pro where you put all the chances on your side, especially if you use intermittent to do the job ;o)

It is necessary to how to find his crew ?

First, you need a serious project ! A scenario, scenery and a bit of equipment. It is also important that you have a little money : to rent the gear, this goes without saying, but especially to think about the expenses. Because to find a team shooting free it takes a little mean…lol

I’m going to come back later, but it is possible to find the intermittents du spectacle, that is to say of the professionals who will accept to work for you for free ! Yes you read that right ! ;o) But free of charge does not mean accept all of the terms and anything !

That is why, it is necessary to provide in your small budget : costs.

What is it ? It is simply the fees that the technicians will/ will spend for your film : fuel, consumables, Bijoutes (this is personal equipment that the technicians puts at your disposition), etc…That your team shooting itself pro, semi-pro or amateur, you will always have expenses.

A film crew is paid how much ?

The technician is a technician, this is not a co-producer, lol. It will not be money to help you make your film. It will therefore be necessary to pay him the gasoline that he’s going to spend to come on the board ! I was talking about in the paragraph above with costs ;o)

Beyond that, the technician will work for free on your film ! It is therefore “participation” of his salary to help you make your film. ” Participation “ is a nice expression to say that you are in fact a gift ! A filming team to you costs so : Zero in wages and expenses.

Why does he do this ?

I can’t speak for all the technicians, so I’ll talk about why I’m doing it !

– Meet talent emerging (or not ! ;o))

– For me, the status of intermittent worker is also there to it, helping young directors to make their film.

To bet on the future : it May be that the developer that I help will be a telefilm or a long few years and will remember my thumbs up ;o)

– For the pleasure of turning on a short period of time and face technical challenges.


The last reason was to become my ” trademark “ a little in spite of myself, lol. Sometimes, they called me at the last moment to work on a project because the wizards provided no longer wanted to do the film, no longer felt able to do it or the project had no control over it ! Then appeals were made to….me lol This has allowed me to build solid foundations and let me know ;o)

It may be that you are in the area and you want to work with a chief operator or a technician (Paris , make sure that you have what the you can stay.

Some accept to be accommodated in a homestay, while others prefer the hotel…and when we have a bit of luck, a member of his family dwells in your corner ;o) (there is no small savings. this is a discussion to have with them. But you need to include in your budget enough to pay for his train tickets and how you can stay….A technician well-housed and well-fed is a technician happy !

A team shooting really free ?

As I just told you, yes ! Except for the ancillary costs, but be careful ! If you’re doing well and that you have a generous budget, 30 000 euros , for example, or more, expect to pay at least the technicians a day.

Not necessarily the rates, but make a day pass. For example, 200 euros for the heads of post and 100 euros for the other. Also take into account the time of preparation, and their involvement in your project. If you can pay for the rates..do not deprive yourself ;o)

Apart from the ” big budgets “ you should be able to get by for not much ;o)

How to attract the interest of a film crew ?

A film crew, it will drag lol. And then a technician has a heart as big as that…I actually can be tons there ! ;o)

Be able to convince a technician work for you, it is a question of alchemy, a balance of complex between : the time of filming that will take your film, the availability of the technician, his desire to help or not, its hours, you (the human relations… ), your scenario, and the toys with which he will be able to have fun !

A young machino will be easier to convince them to work with you if there’s a lot of travelling to ride or if it can work with a crane that he does not know….And this is valid for all posts ;o)

Before all this, there is the first approach…for example, I hate receiving an email from a young director who explained to me his project, he would like to work with me but mostly that I must quickly reply,” because, in case of refusal, it has 10 other guys to contact ! And you realize that this is an email common sent to other assistant directors (it is not necessary to forget that we’re talking !!!!! ;o)) basically, the first who answers is the winner. The problem is that it doesn’t work like that. It should not be forgotten that it is you who are the claimant, not the technician !


I’m sorry but I never answer this kind of mail. I repeat to you since the beginning : a movie, this is not done all alone. A movie, it is a history of art based on human relationships !

Some of you will find me a little old school but I like that they call me ! If you do not have the technician’s number, in this case you send him a mail, very nice, him stating that you have not found his telephone number, that you have had his email by machin. And then you explain that you have a project of short film (give the name of the prod or the association) or long, and you would like to talk to him about that…and that’s all ! Put your contact information in case and of course, do not mail common…

Wait for the response from the technician. It will tell you may be not straight away or you’ll probably be asked to send it by mail to your scenario, and the elements (dates etc… ) that will allow him to make an opinion. To find out all your crew will repeat the process ;o)

You’re going to tell me : ” yes, but in the end, he sends a mail ! “


It is true, the difference is that it is he who has told you ! And it, it makes all the difference. Today everything goes fast (see the article of last week), but to edit a movie, it also takes a little time ;o) Take the time to meet your future technicians…your future employees. Because a technician does not work for you, but with you. ;o)

Once you have created the first contact, meet with, talk to them about your project etc…

Also, be aware that the best technique to successfully mount a production crew, this is the snow ball effect. Once you have one, ask for advice or an opinion for such and such position. It will surely be a sound engineer, a stage manager etc…You can have her (their) number(s) and phone call from somebody who is the chef machino or assistant director. Believe me, it makes all the difference. Once you have a technician ready to follow you, the other will be more easy to convince.

Where to find a filming team ?

So it’s nice and all that, but before you can convince them, it is necessary to be able to find them ! I think it is the most beautiful and the best sentence philosophical for this blog lol ;o)


The ease or difficulty of finding your crew will mainly come from the place where you live. If you are on Paris, Lyon, Marseille or Lille , for example, you should not have difficulty finding the pole that attends to centralize all of the filming and who has listings of technicians. For example, in the north of France there is the CRRAV, now renamed PICTANOVO, which has a base data (base TAF) with all the technicians of the region, classified by position and by occupation. It is sufficient to meet the responsible of the host shoots and the round is played (I’m simplifying, but basically this is it). Several regions are equipped with the same tool (Basic TAF), you can find their list in the article : finance a film in the region ;o)


There will more than answer your phone ;o)

ATTENTION : It is important that your project is serious, well put together etc…If you contact a technician and it turns out that your project does not hold the road, this will be done for you !

You also have the possibility to hire students just out of school or in the last year (to film school, BTS etc..) who are in search of all the possible experiments. You can contact the schools directly and explain your project or going to file an ad directly in the school or via the internet.

You can also submit an ad via cinéaste.org that allows you to send an ad to over 52 000 readers. Whether you are looking for an actor or a technician you have the opportunity to find your happiness ;o) But the priority is to find technicians near you to avoid fees ;o)

Tips and Tricks : If you have to spend time looking for technicians, start with theassistant director and the chief operator ! Why ? Because the chief operator chooses his gaffer , and assistant camera. The assistant director chooses his 2nd and can guide you as to the other positions. In addition the assistant director will bring you a certain credibility, especially if it is known in your area ;o) (same for the head op).

Tips and Tricks 2 : If you want to federate the maximum of the technicians, do not turn too long. Shoot 5 or 6 days this is the ideal, beyond that you may have a refusal or change of teams.

Tips and tricks 3 : Meet other filmmakers who shot their movies in your area, ask them for advice, addresses, names, etc…Why start from scratch what someone else has already done it before you ;o)

Tips and tricks 4 : Some positions are difficult to obtain, as the commissioner-general. It is a centerpiece for the smooth running of your movie. Don’t underestimate this position with a boyfriend or I don’t know that. Make sure your back by taking someone who knows the business or who has a solid foundation.

To finish, find a film crew is not a simple thing, you need to surround yourself, this is one of the keys to success. It’s going to take you time and a lot of energy. But tell you that you can concentrate on your staging and your direction of the actors. You will also have a professional look and shooting very close to reality.


I hope that this article on : find your team shooting you enjoyed. Once again, it is necessary that you be positive and don’t be afraid to go to the meeting of these technicians ;o) At the worst, you can only have one : No ! You have everything to gain by trying. If you’ve had an experience with a film crew, or that you have had difficulties in setting up one, leave a comment at the bottom of this article. If you have managed to assemble a team of filming with pro or students to come and also share your experience ;o)

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Thank you to those who will make it ;o)

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Tom Weil

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