International Independent Film Festival of Bordeaux : a selection

The 4th edition of the Festival International du Film indépendant de Bordeaux, said FIFIB, will present from 8 to 14 October 2015 a dozen feature films in prime time, of which 8 are in competition, and a series of short films.

The Fifib, whose sponsor is Olivier Assayas, claims the failure to meet any of the criteria, and be at once strange, funny, romantic or committed, with the essential objective of promoting a spirit of independence and the freedom of creation and innovation. The Blog of the Film will be present and will check on site – here you will find our opinions on the films being presented !



BANG GANG, by Eva Husson

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Original title : Gang Bang (a modern love story)

Realization : Eva Husson

Scenario : Eva Husson

Key players : Finnegan Oldfield, Marilyn Lima, Daisy Broom

Country of origin : France

Output : 13 January 2016

Duration : –

Distributor : Ad Vitam

Synopsis : in The suburbs the wealthy of a city on the atlantic coast.George, pretty young girl of 16 years, falls in love with Alex. To attract his attention, she initiates a collective game, where his band of friends will find, test and push the boundaries of their sexuality. In the midst of the scandals and the collapse of their system of values, each of which manages this intense period of radically different way.

Il must not stop to an a priori sulphur about BANG GANG under the pretext that one sees teenagers of sixteen years of walking around naked and fuck like crazy. No, it is much more complex and subtle than that. Director Eva Husson, after the projection and that we have had the pleasure of interviewing (read it in the future LBDC), has said to have wanted to evoke the malaise related to the construction of emotional and social adolescents within a group. The sense of belonging or difficulties in being accepted, being asked to self – same as limits, if the poses and how to do so.

Of course, teens are a little idle, and sometimes left to fend for themselves by their parents, voluntarily or not, don’t go all trigger orgies giant ! Inspired by events that occurred in 1996 about teens all patients with syphilis in the same city, Eva Husson gives us the portrait on two months of five teenagers, that we see develop within their family environment, their school, between them, and facing their own feelings.
George/Marilyn Lima, beautiful young girl aware of her power of seduction will try in vain to regain control of her relationship with Alex/Finnegan Oldfield in launching this game bravache of Bang Gang. Alex, the seductive, free and leader of the group bound by social networks that animates the faithful Nikita/Fred Hotier. Laëticia/Daisy Broom, the girlfriend of George a little bit overtaken by events and as Gabriel/Lorenzo Lefebvre, only teen mature aware of the seriousness of the situation.
The director wanted to confront the scenario and the dialogues in the light of its actors, unknown exceptFinnegan Oldfield (recently seen in Neither the Sky nor the Earth), this probably explains a part of the natural and the correctness of their interpretation.
Energetic, the film deals with originality in a current context of overexposure to social networks, the difficulties that may have teenagers, and particularly teenage girls, to state that their feelings of love while taking their sexuality. A kind of “Ni putes Ni soumises” was modernized in sum. Eva Husson claims to have made a feminist film, because that is suggestive of a sexual power of women rarely assumed or treated on the screen.

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