international short film festival d Avignon

festival international du court métrage d Avignon

International short film Festival of Avignon

And if we met in real life ?!


There are a few weeks of this I was contacted, via blog, to congratulate me for its contents and the work I was doing. I do not hide from you that this kind of message makes me always happy ;o) and Then my interlocutor told me that she works for the international short film festival of Avignon…It is listed on the newsletter (it is even better ;o)) because it seeks information for young filmmakers participating in the festival and the Ebooks appeared to him to be a good base. And there…

I will not hide my pride ! When I say pride, attention, I mean by this is that by hosting this blog I hope to help those who stop by. I’m in the sharing of experiences, knowledge and the help. Know that the energy I put into the articles, the comments or the emails can reach to more people makes me say that this is not in vain ;o) So, when I speak to you of pride is humility ;o) The short film festival of Avignon will allow me to do even more ;o)

I remind you all that even if Ebooks are free downloads, they have quite a bit of work, you must not disseminate ; (o) Or so send me a request by e-mail.

You’re going to spit it out ta Valda !

Forgiveness ;o) I take : thread needle, she told me that it would be surely interesting that I took part in the festival. She told me that the director of the event will remind me very quickly to see what it can do.

And this is what the festival international du court-métrage d’avignon asked me : The director of the festival offers me d’lead a Masterclass during the festival ! Leaving Me free of the topic…

After a phone conversation is very rich, on what it means to make a film, write a script, short of embarking on the adventure, it seemed obvious to turn the MasterClass (it is a little pompous no ? talk of intervention) on the theme : How to Make A Movie ?! And the icing on the cake : commentfaireunfilm.com also becomes the official partner of the event !

Remember the day and time of my presentation : Saturday, 5 April at 15.30 at the theatre of the dog who smokes) to Avignon.


I will speak for 1 hour/ 1 hour 15, and I hope that there will be time to engage a assignment of questions/ answers ;o) I’m going to talk about experiences, tips and tricks, techniques and anecdotes that I have not yet unveiled so far.

If you’d like to meet in real life, we will be able to make it there ;o) I’ll be on site from Friday afternoon until Saturday early evening.

If you want to meet me, you, the faithful readers of the blog, a space will be made available to us after my surgery to be able to share ;o) I think we will be able to easily spend 1h30 together ;o)

Be aware that this conference will revolve around the theme : How to Make A Movie. Of course, we are going to discuss the importance of the scenario, but I’m going to mainly talk about the traps to avoid when one wants to embark in the adventure of the short film and, more widely, that of making a film.

Why have I accepted this invitation ?

As you can read on the website of the festival international du court-métrage d’avignon, the short film requires an important work of a large number of stakeholders : actors, directors, screenwriters, technicians, enthusiasts, etc It is true that when one looks at the huge amount of work it takes to be a short compared to its duration of life, we see immediately that this report is uneven.

I am self-taught and I started with the short film, as it is to perform, or to learn the trades that I perform today.

I find that it is a just return of things that help and share what I have learned and I am learning more each day with the greatest number of people. To do this Masterclass is not only a personal challenge but also a way to bring my stone ;o)

Not to mention the new people that I’ll be able to do and the discussions that will ensue. So many possibilities for you to make a return and to share with you new things.

To finish, the short film remains a very good card, to exercise full and it is extremely trainer ! Not to mention that it’s also important not to forget that this rest of the item A short film, in the same way as the feature-length film, is a work of art ;o)

Why you need to go there ?

Beyond the fact that we meet, I’d like also to draw your attention on the festival international du court-métrage d’avignon. I you pounds since the beginning that it is important to move, to meet people, amateurs as professionals to build on their work but also to begin to build a network. Therefore, it is important to participate in this kind of event.

It is in these places/ events that you can tackle more easily the filmmakers confirmed, actors or technicians. You can ask them all the questions you want…which is quite rare !

The international short film festival of Avignon

The international short film festival is organized by the agency ” wink “. It will take place on 3 days : 4, 5 and 6 April 2014. On Friday, in the early afternoon, you will be able to see short films of the G. R. E. C and then the official competition will start at 16: 00 until 18: 00.

In the evening will take place the official opening of the festival, the opportunity to drink a glass ;o) it will be also one of the moments where we can meet ;o)

The more of this edition it is the carte blanche given to Spain, the opportunity to discover filmmakers and films amazing.

It is also interesting to attend the closing of the international short film festival and its awards ceremony. Not for the prize-giving as such, but to see what has worked for the jury. I’ve always been intrigued by films awarded by the jury and by the public, for example. There is often a difference. I’m not talking about previous editions of the Avignon festival, but festivals in general.

It also happens sometimes that the jury and the public come together but it is rare enough.

I will give you more details on the competition and the program in general as soon as the organisers I will pass them on.

That’s it for this announcement. I hope thatit moves you as much as me. As soon as the next week the publication of the articles will resume its normal course.

A last word

Thanks to you the blog has more and more success. When you share the blog and its articles all around you, you allow others to make progress, to ask questions and can be to achieve their dreams. Having access to the right information it is a priceless treasure or not ?! In addition, the range of your sharing has surpassed the internet and allows me to do so in flesh and bone. Then again a big thanks to you ;o)

Click on the ” like “button at the top of this article ;o) Thank you to all who make this small gesture. Do not hesitate to click where you know (pubs !) ;o) it helps keep ” how to make a film “ completely for free ;o)

You can also share it on google+ Thank you again to all of you ;o)

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