Is Pert shampoo bad?

Is Pert shampoo bad?

According to Randy Schueller, a cosmetic chemist and the founder of the Beauty Brains, the formula is actually legit. It can indeed both wash and condition your hair. Sulfates, common in body washes and shampoos, provide the sudsy cleansing.

What happened Pert shampoo?

CINCINNATI — Procter & Gamble is shedding one of its more well-known shampoo lines, part of the company’s larger plan to get rid of up to 100 brands that don’t have strong growth prospects.

Is Pert shampoo still being made?

Once a U.S. namesake brand, P&G sold off Pert’s North American business in 2006, but kept its international operations. In 2014, Henkel acquired the Latin American Pert business for an undisclosed sum.

Is Pert shampoo any good?

If you want to try the Pert, though, you definitely should, it is a good shampoo. I no longer use it because I have to use anti-dandruff, but when I was using this shampoo, I didn’t have any problems, it worked perfectly fine. It is a two in one shampoo, so you also condition your hair while you are using the shampoo.

Is Pert shampoo color safe?

Product Description Gentle enough for color-treated hair.

Is Pert shampoo paraben free?

Daily Moisturizing Shampoo is sulfate, paraben free* and very gentle on color treated hair. The color preserving formula will keep your hair looking great, even after several shampoos. Contains 100% pure and certified Argan oil* with anti color fading properties for long lasting hair color.

Is Pert Plus safe for color treated hair?

The Pert Plus 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner is great to be used for normal hair. Can be used daily Gentle for permed or color treated hair Rinses clean, doesn’t allow any build-up Helps add shine and health to your hairIt makes your hair look clean, fresh and healthy.

Is pert phthalate free?

Pert Plus shampoo contained DEHP, a probable human carcinogen banned from children’s toys in this country. Good news for teenage boys everywhere: as overpowering as Axe scents can be, the Axe product tested in ED’s report was actually free of detectable phthalates. Not that Axe is free of other air pollutants.

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