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Happy new year to all ! That this year 2014 brings you inspiration, beautiful films, as well as health ;o) But above all, continue to read, to watch movies, to familiarize yourself with the techniques of the scriptures and of achievements, in short, continue to learn the film as a whole.

I wanted to do an article entitled ” learn the cinema “ to remind you of two or three small things in the beginning of the year. We must not forget why this blog exists. ” How to make a movie “ is online so that all those who wish to learn the cinema, regardless of the level of the user, future writer/ future director or technician, who reads these lines.

Why this reminder ? A few days ago, a user (anonymous) left a comment (a bit mocking) the subject of an article explaining what was the synopsis. This person found that the level of knowledge approaching the level of a pupil in the 6th and gave the impression that he had lost his time.

Sometimes, popularize a business or technicals is not simple. You know better than anyone, you who write, you who realize, that to know a technical writing or performing, does not mean that you know the master ! In addition, books about the cinema and its techniques, I swallowed tons of them, some of which were unpalatable to the possible ! The complexity is not quality.

I often say : there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the way. This means that it is not because you have learned to write in school that you know how to write a novel or a film. I am sure that we agree ?!

Even if you know all the steps of the hero’s journey, this does not mean that you know how to apply.

To finish on this topic, I would also like to remind you that it is vital that you be humble vis-à-vis your work, and you listen to the other. Because alone, you won’t achieve anything !

To begin this new year, I wish to share with you several emails/ requests that I regularly receive.

For the most part, you want to know how to make a movie, learn film or how to work in the film/ TV, either through the writing, materials, techniques and construction. But learn the cinema demand of the will, especially when one is young and/ or self-taught.

As I told you a few weeks ago, you are more than 25 000 internet users per month to connect on ” how to make a movie “, as you say most will never make a film, his job. Since this Blog exists, the password has always been to tell the truth , or not ?!

Of course, the other part of the users of this blog wishes to learn the cinema because it is a passion. She wants to improve in the writing or the achievement to be fun, and it is so much the better ;o) They just need to write, to put on paper ideas, stories, or to put images of things close to their heart.

Why this article now ?

This is the time of good resolutions. It is pumped, our desires and our dreams are boosted by this particular time of year. But very quickly, in the face of time that passes, the difficulties of having to return and revisit his work again and again, our good resolutions fly away…That is why I try to help you each week. The blog takes more body. There are more comments, questions and articles. It is difficult, perhaps, to apply certain methods or techniques, so the site/ adventure, in which you are launched, is great.

How to learn filmmaking ?

Many of you are wanting to work in film and television, many ask me : how do you have internships ? Who to call ? How to find a shooting ? Find a producer ? How do I read his scenario ? or simply ask me to read your scenarios to have an opinion pro etc., This is the reason why I made the cards business in the article on the occupations of the cinema or that I agree to help you in writing your stories. For some, it works not bad also. But again, all this was not enough, if you do not give yourself the means to get there. I can help you, but if you do not work, if you do not do the first step, then nothing will be possible.

I want to write a story but I don’t know what to

Learn the cinema, it is first of all learn about yourself. If, as anauthor or film director, you do not know what to defend as an idea or if you don’t know what you want to tell, then no one can do nothing for you.

You want something, that is fine, but give us the resources to do so, it is even better. Give them the ability to write a story doesn’t mean having the latest computer or the latest software or find someone that you breath an idea !

You want to write a scenario, it is up to you to find the idea ! You don’t know how to write, format, your history etc… so Then, yes I can help you.

Work in the cinema, yes, but how ?

Whether by mail or on the blog, I sometimes wonder if it is possible for you to give it a thumbs up : for an internship, a job, or meet some people. Even if I take, each time, the time to respond to you, I want to give you, here, to you, the answer that I give in general.

As you know, I am self-taught. The place that I have today, I will not do that to me.

ATTENTION : when I say : to me, it is important to understand that I worked hard, I made my evidence, I am challenged and I sometimes have ” put my handkerchief in my pocket “. But if nobody had given my luck, I’d be always at the same point. That’s why I said, at the beginning of this article, that it was necessary to listen to others and be humble !

In short, If you want to work in the cinema, it is necessary to give you the means. Either you are a school, a BTS, the caf, etc… Either you you form only, through the trays, by going to see the production or making of the short film.

Know that person, I say person, not give you an internship or a job on a film if you haven’t done anything, or if you can’t have internship agreement with your school ! PERSON !

Personally, I have never been to school, so I’ve never been in internship ! I was not penalized as a result.

Yes, but you want to see what a shooting before you decide…

Why not ! But again, on a movie, it will be complicated. There was a time when France tv accept students from 3rd to do : an internship of observation of 3 days. Frankly, this is the wind, the time for you to understand who does what, your observation is already completed and you have not learned or understood. For others, you will never get an internship…unless a miracle.

I repeat that for a long time, but the only way to know if such or such a craft of cinema you like, it is the practice ! Today, the technology, the equipment has never been so affordable. ENJOY !

Learn the film making of the short film

I hear you from here, it tightens the chapter on the short film ! Well, yes, because for me that is the only way to learn without it costing you an arm and this does not prevent you from doing other things (school, job etc…)

Become part of a team for a project, go make coffee, wear the gear, learn how to light or frame… some asso or young companies prod don’t require it !


Yes, but I want to become a pro !

Do you dream of cinema, film, telefilm…as I understand you ! Let’s take an example. For the next film I’m working on, I’m going to have to look for a 3rd wizard (also called an intern). According to you, I’m going to choose that ? Between a guy who wants to make films but that does not move (to force to wait and send letters or e-mails, it is said that it will surely pay off) or a guy (or a girl) who is scrambling like crazy for a while, to run all the shorts out of the corner, who wants to, who is calling you from time to time, which shows that it is there ?

Even if he made the short film, that this is associative or with prods, I will give its chance to this person here ! Because it is not enough to say that we want to make cinema, it is necessary to show it, to deserve it.

Learn the cinema to learn to write and become a writer

It is very important that you know the techniques of making, or at least that you have awareness, for this to serve as your scenario.

You come here to learn how to write or improve your writing. You have written a novel and you want to adapt, you want to become a script writer or you have a need to write, and the scenario seems to you the best way to “give birth” to your story, then you are in the right place.

Thanks to the tab “article”, which is located at the home page, you have access to all the articles so that you can start, right now, to write or for you to get in shape or improve your scenario.

But writing is a lonely job and so difficult. Despite my busy schedule, I try to be as present as possible. I realize that for many of you, it is difficult to find, no ?

I think more to a way to assist you even further, so that you are no longer alone in the face of your history, that you are stimulated all the time, in short, a solution almost a miracle to get out of the solitude of writing, and you allow them tomove forward in leaps and bounds. I hope to be able to tell you more at the end of the first half…maybe before, if all goes well…

What do you think ?

Do not forget that becoming a screenwriter is not an easy thing, this is not a profession of all the rest, and where, we do not earn the astronomical sums of money. It is a profession of passion.

I hope this article on ” learn the cinema “ you will be pleased. Starting next week, I’ll offer an article on a writing technique that we have not yet dealt with ;o)

Please do not hesitate to ask me questions at the bottom of this article.

Thanks to you, the blog has more and more success, then click on the ” like “button at the top of this article ;o)

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One last thing before leaving. Today we have a new blog partner : www.baz-art.org I think it is a good complement to ” how to make a movie “ you will find : movie reviews, contests, book reviews, music. In short, everything to stimulate your imagination and continue to train you ;o)



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