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Take Ptit Quinquin. If you have seen the series of Bruno Dumont, and if it has provoked a reaction, then you will find this same feeling in MY LOUTE, lined something new but very complementary. In our case, Ptit Quinquin had been a redefinition of the concept of cinema in this, Dumont proposed a real […]


We were able to view The ODYSSEY in the framework of the festival of Angoulême. Our opinion on the other films of the festival : HERE The ODYSSEY is of course the biopic of jacques Cousteau (Lambert Wilson, who does not quite make us forget the actor behind the character), but it is the adventure […]


Jeff Nichols dares to break. He never was engaged in a love story, and even less in a biopic. Less than a year after the sublime Midnight Special, he is back with a topic where it wasn’t expected. “I’m pregnant”. It is on these words full of meaning, heralding a future happy, that opens the […]


The evil of the stones is another name for talking about kidney stones. This evil, it is Gabrielle (Marion Cotillard) that the a. In addition to that, it bothers her from her family. His vision of romantic love does not correspond to the expectations of his parents, who would prefer to see get married as […]


Let’s say the net : by its lack of new proposals, NINJA TURTLES 2 will appear as a decal missed from its predecessor and, by extension, in the style of Michael Bay. However, to better explain the failure of this result, consider first the phenomenon of the reboot, and then how the saga Ninja Turtles, […]


TOUT ON MY MOTHER is a movie-in short, a diary, an ode to the woman, a masterpiece. Let’s start with the technical : The mise-en-scene of ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER (with that of’ Tie Me !) is the most successful of all the works of Almodóvar. Everything is almost perfect. Choice of frames, moods, aesthetic, […]

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