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Meeting with Guy-Roger Duvert for VIRTUAL REVOLUTION

A few days before his departure for the Cannes film market, we have been able to meet in Guy-Roger Duvert to us about his movie the VIRTUAL REVOLUTION, his first feature film rooted in the anticipation and the exploration of the potentialities of virtual reality. The occasion seemed propitious to speak of the genesis of […]


We met with the swiss director Christophe Cupelin in a café in the 11th arrondissement of Paris on the occasion of the cinema release of his documentary CAPTAIN THOMAS SANKARA. The film traces the meteoric rise of Thomas Sankara, a young military High-Volta still under the influence of France’s colonial past in the 1980s, until […]


Theundi February 9, at the UGC Ciné Cité les Halles took place the premiere of the film TOKYO FIANCÉE, an adaptation of the book Nor of Eve, nor Adam (2007) of the writer of the belgian Amélie Nothomb. In addition to discover the film well ahead of its release scheduled for march 4, 2015, the […]

[Interview] Rosemary Myers for the Fantastic Birthday

We have been tenderized by the Fantastic Birthday, first indie came to Australia, this is rare in the distribution networks. This fresco tells the story of the passage of a tormented young girl, Greta, to adulthood with a sense of humor and lucid dreaming. We have had the chance to interview the director, Rosemary Myers, […]

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