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The Hero with a thousand face

The Hero with a thousand and one faces   From Campbell to Vogler. Despite the years of experiences, researches, discussions with other writers, directors and producers, there is a book that has changed my life as a writer : “The hero with a thousand and one faces” by Joseph Campbell. But this would not be […]

the Bible TV series

Bible tv series   The Bible TV series Good ! Several users of How to Make A Film ask me what should be in a Bible TV series or Web series. In this article we will therefore take note of everything that needs to be put in the bible to approach a producer and create […]

How to protect your scenario part 2

 How to protect your screenplay Part 2   Here is the second part of how to protect your scenario abroad. I’m going to explain to you what you must do to protect your scenario : In canada, The united states, Belgium etc… If you need to send your scenario to the USA, for example, you […]

protect on a scenario

How to protect a scenario Part 1 Hello to all, For this new article I thought that this topic : how to protect a scenario, was de rigueur. You may be (surely ;o) ) of the faithful readers of this site. You work hard, or you have already spent several months writing your script. Today […]

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