Scenario : The sub-text and the non-verbal communication

Scénario : Le sous-texte et le non verbal

Write a script, it is also writing which cannot be read.

The sub-text


In this article we will touch on something extremely important that no apprentice writer uses ! The non-verbal ! You must write of things that do not go by words, but by the sub-text.

You’re going to tell me ” But what he’s talking about yet ?! “. To go further I would say that your biggest problem as an apprentice writer is that you do everything to go through the dialog and it is a serious mistake !

When you do not talk about your characters, for they tell us what they feel or what they think, well you use the voice-off !

And you have…Wrong !

The scenario, your storymust be real so that the viewer can accede to it. That is to say that, for a situation that seems coherent and possible, it is necessary that it looks similar to the agreements, the codes that the spectator knows.

Let’s talk about you !

Often you are wondering how to make a dialogue or write a situation, etc…In truth, everything you need you already have. Think of the last situation that you have experienced, whether it is happy or not, and analyze the.

For example, if you are fighté with your wife, your husband or your brother this morning, trying to analyze how you reacted and how you have expressed your joy or your sorrow.

I bet what you want that you didn’t say ” You made me énerves most of all ! I don’t understand why you make me it so I’ve always done what you wanted ! “But surely you have said :” You made me sucks ! ” and you’re gone, slamming the door shut. Or you have simply slammed the door without saying anything.

Ditto for the joy. If you have passed an examination, and you will see the results : face of the sheet announcing the admitted you’re not going to say : “My god, I hope I’ll get it, I worked so hard for…I am anxious, my heart beats at full speed “. But you’re going to hold the hand of your girlfriend, you watch with trepidation, you approach the sheet, and to explode with joy or you collapse.

All this without a word ! And the people that you will observe will understand that you have obtained, or not, your review.

When you write, even more when it is a dialogue, you must always ask yourself if it is necessary , and if you can replace it with something else…A sub-text.

Make it say something else !

It is also an important technique if you can’t you skip dialogue in your sequence. If your characters are sitting at the table taking a meal it can sometimes be difficult to move from dialogue. But this does not prevent you to be inventive and use your life to make a scene vivid and real.

For example , if your husband invited a colleague a few sucks to eat and that he does not stop to talk to people you don’t know…And that it upsets you, you’re not going to tell him : “You can’t shut up Jean-Michel ?” Or ” You can talk of something else ?! “Or,” You can shut the fuck up Jean-Michel ?! “

Necessarily you can’t do that, even if you like it very much. On the other hand, you can, on a tone a little exasperated, to say to him : “Pass me the salt Jean-Michel ! “. Which can according to the scene to say exactly the same thing : “Your mouth “. And take back control of the conversation, because often people stop to talk, to do what is asked of them.

Politeness and the history

Here also everything can pass by the non-verbal. It is necessary to be polite in a scenario, but it’s also important not to do too much. The two characters are not obliged to say :


“Hello Franck “


“Hi Matilda “


“How are you today ? “


“Good and you ? it gave what the meeting yesterday ? “


“It’s going to thank you ! Not bad for the meeting, Gerard was still is his show “

You see ? It mocks the trivialities of every day life ! It is enough to show the two characters to kiss andstart the conversation on the meeting.

Or, to be more effective, start the scene : ” Then the meeting yesterday ? “

The spectator will make the link and fill in the holes alone. It will assume that the characters have said hello or not, in function of his education.

To finish

Use the sub-text or the non-verbal will terribly help you :

– To pass information emotional

– To avoid the dialogue ” mouth hole “

– To avoid the dialogues

– To seek the dialogue, which sounds right

– To set the pace and save time

The sub-text takes all its power when your card character is well worked. For example if I take Indiana Jones. One of these phobias is snakes…When it falls in the pyramid full of snake, the viewer immediately understands that the hero is afraid and that he is in a difficult situation. All this without saying a word !

It is thanks to another technique which is called : Ad and payment that you can find on the blog by following this link.

So for this article on “ The sub-text and the non-verbal communication in a scenario “. Please do not hesitate to ask me questions below this article.

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