the making of a film, Produce A Short Film Part I

Produire un film, Produire Un Court-Metrage Partie I

To produce a film


Produce a movie…I asked myself if I had to approach this topic. But, in view of the comments that I made or that I read here and there, with the likings of my surfs on the net, I realize that some of you are asking : who is it for this blog?

It has been created to help all those who are eager to learn or to improve on the writing, the technique, the achievement and everything related to : how to make a movie. To produce a film or a short film must also be treated.

In fact, people who visit this site are not all the same level, the same expectations. I realize that I focused on those who want to write for television or the cinema , and working on projects with heavy or long-term projects and ambitious.

This week, I would like to help others : those who want to make the short format (series), the short film, which resulted in the films “house” and who would wish to spend at the higher speed. Make a movie with a little bit of argent, a team, of the light and turn in a film or in HD (or not).

We are going to talk of the production companies. It is actually great to have a production to produce your film. That is, once we said it, we said everything….and well no !

Find a production can take a long time. It may also not be ready to work with this tool, which is a little heavy. The problem is thatwe are often lourder. You can also have a project called ” genre film “ and there, I can assure you that there are little prods that produce this kind of movies. You may have already tried this solution, and you’re drowning in the refusal letters :

“Madam, Sir, in spite of the interest of your project, we regret not to be able to respond to your request. Our generation has too many projects in progress”….and blablabla. Should we abandon his project ? no, of course not !


CAUTION : in order To produce a film you should never put a euro in his pocket ! Never ! We have all heard that such or such a, who has wagered his savings, was able to sell his project, or is returned in its costs. Maybe…I doubt it…I don’t know of one personally and it is enough for me ! I know especially of young directors who have staked their shirt without result. Anyway, all the world cannot put out of his pocket, 2000 euros and still less than 25000 euros !

Two solutions offer themselves to you :

Incorporate an association

– Create an Asso

Why ? Since for some of the structures which fund projects, it is essential to have this kind of tool.

You are going to ask for money or material, and your name alone will not suffice.

Therefore, there is now (since a few years now) of the structures which you help fund, make Loans of material or make big discounts on the gear. Here are the addresses and contact persons :

Challenge young/ urge to act : individual or associative !! “Urge to act” provides support to both educational, technical and financial, to support the young people, from the idea to the realisation of the project regardless of their age (between 18 and 30 years !!!! ), the situation or the scope of the project. The criteria and terms and conditions may be different from one project to another, or depending on the location. It is better to make contact with the regional directorate of youth and sports and of social cohesion or the direction of the social cohesion of your department to know the technical details : eligibility criteria, selection criteria, procedures, schedule.

Here is the link that will explain it all. You’ll also find the address and the contact region.

Support for up to : 8500 euros (depending on the region)

The cpmp (committee for local assistance projects) : individual or community : are You between 16 and 25 years old : the clap helps you to build your project and will guide you towards the right track of funding.

Associations, organizations and personalities affiliated with the Clap you bring in their expertise, their time and their experiences of the idea to its realization.


Here are a few cities or regions :

– Nantes

– roubaix : http://www.jecree.com/cid107571/clap-roubaix.html?pid=1030

– boulonnais : http://www.agglo-boulonnais.fr/quotidien/citoyennete/le-clap/


Support : 1,000 euros

The claps are initiatives of the North-Not of Calais, but the principle is used by several regions, up to you to do your research. Thanks to the regional structures below you are going to have the person who will be able to assist you and refer you.

ADAMI : Assistance to the remuneration, employment of actors, the development of career, to the promotion of artists performers.

Support assistance : between 3000 € and 12000€.

GREEK : help authors for their first film. It should not exceed 15 minutes. If the file is received it will be produced by the GREEK. 3 committees meet per year. The director will take charge of the quote of the film, and will select his team and his actors. If the film releases of the revenues the developer will receive 50%.

the maximum support is : 18500 euros

CNAP Image/mouvement : assistance in the development, production, or post-production. There is only one committee per year.

The support is € 10,000 to € 20,000.


NOTE : if you want to mount a production company (details in next article), you can use these structures to finance your project and the amounts are more important).

To find the address and contact names in your area, click here : the structures of The regional / host shoots and productions.

Thanks to these addresses, and the contacts associated with them you will be able to get all the information on the shooting of short films in preparation, shooting or coming up in your area.

You will know how to file the financing file of your short film associative or product.

But the interest also is aware of the location shoots of feature films and tv movies if you’re looking for internships or contacts.

With the person responsible for the management of the reception office of the shoots you will be able to meet technicians with the basic TAF and a base of sets (FILMFRANCE) to find your decorations.

Some regions have a stock of equipment , with prices defying all competition. It is enough for it to have an association, Law 1901.

It is not simple to create an asso !!! so go for it !


In addition, the assistance to the production of associative is a first step, you can earn some of the regional aid such as the writing assistance , or help in post-production (WARNING : some of these aids are accessible only with the help of a production company).

You can also apply for a material aid in addition to the financial assistance to the following regions.

I am sorry for Belgium, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Canada, Benin, the ivory Coast , but I don’t have the necessary elements to give them the addresses of the reception offices in their countries, if they exist.

All I can say is that in terms of production, there are partnerships between France and Canada , as well as with Belgium. I’ll tell you more in another article.

To find the money also think of the town halls, shops. When I wanted to make my first short film, I didn’t know anyone. So I asked to meet with the elected culture , and the youth of my city. To make it short, I’ve mounted a folder explaining my project. During a city council grant outstanding to me has been allocated (1800 euros). The only thing I had to do was turn a part of the film on the common and to talk about the film in the local press.

You can’t imagine the number of people interested by the movie. The merchants near you may be part of those. Please do not hesitate to canvass. It is a little arduous but it works. For the anecdote : while traveling in the south (Cannes ;o) off festival), I managed to convince the taxi that would take me to the train station to my drop-off point to put money in my project against a mention in the credits (nothing more). It to me has subsidized 700 euros !!

Go for it !!! Once again, you risk nothing.

One more word on ” produce a short film “. If you create your association , or not, I advise you not to do everything alone. Surround yourself with a friend or two as passionate as you. Because making a film is not easy. You will need to seek partners, a team, actors, etc…YOU CAN’T DO EVERYTHING ALONE ! Your film would suffer. A single word Delegate !!!!!

Another tip : don’t be afraid to answer your phone or you move to meet rental (transpa, bnl, pana, kodac, fuji, uproar etc…) to get price. They make every day !

The same applies to the technicians, call them and tell them about your project. If they are not disposed to help you, they will send you off to another technician.

You want a poster for your short !? Get moving and call, leave a mail or meet players in your area. What is it that you risk ?! Huh ?! They tell you no ! That is all.

All of this work will train you at speed great V. You will start to build your network. You compare the committee of the reading association in your area, challenge, young, clap, or other structures that support your projects, are important first steps.

In short :

– To find the money, knock on all the doors : to challenge young, regions, town council, individuals, businesses etc…

Never put the money personally in your project

– Mount of an association law 1901

Experience technicians

Call the car hire company

– Meet the head of the host shoots in your area (click here)

Do you divide the positions and the tasks

So much for this first overview on the topic : produce a film. I suggest you return to the plan of the site to read other articles if you want.


Tom Weil

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