The Nights in Gold in the Short Film, 3rd Edition

The Academy of the Arts and Techniques of Cinema announces the launch of its 3rd Edition of the Nuits en or Short Film. It is a journey beyond the border to the meeting of new talents.

In the wake of the ceremony of Caesar, which is the event the most spectacular of The Academy of the Arts and Techniques of Cinema, it organizes, throughout the year, to other actions in favour of the cinema, and especially of the short film. Since 2007, The Nights in Gold went on a tour of international double vocation :

– offer the general public a program that collects the best short films worldwide of the year.

– discover the films awarded by the other Academies.

From 7 may to 3 July 2009, the Nights in Gold in the Short-Film will be over 9000 kilometres across France and Europe.

Operation travelling, Nights in or Short Film will be performing on 20 dates in the space of two months. To do so, 9 films have been selected to represent the best Short Film of the year worldwide.

This year marks a real opening to Europe with 7 steps in prestigious European capitals : Brussels, Geneva, Rome, London, Berlin, Madrid and Amsterdam. The entrance fee is fixed by each hall. A part of the recipe is then passed back to the rights holders of each film, in a fair and reasonable compensation, which becomes, in fact, a way to contribute financially to the creation of new works.

This unique initiative of the Académie des César, who offers the dissemination of award-winning films by other academies in the world, is involved and the ambition to forge close ties with its counterparts and to recognize the efforts undertaken by each for a better recognition of the short film.

For this 2009 edition, the Academy of Caesar gives the floor to the public. At the end of each projection, the audience present in the room will be invited to vote for their “favorite movie”.

The results of these votes will be disclosed after the closing of the tour and the film gathering the most votes will be designated as the “Public Choice”.

Among all the ballots collected during the 20 steps of Nights in’or-Short Film 2009, the Academy of Caesar will conduct a random draw that will award 300 voters of a double DVD Selection Short Film Cesar 2009.

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