to sell his or her scenario, sign a contract screenwriter part2

vendre son scénario, signer un contrat de scénariste partie2

Sell his script


Sign its contract with a producer part 2

As promised here is the rest of the article on ” how to sell a script and sign a contract with a producer.” We will see this week the details of an option contract, remuneration proportional as well as contracts before and after amortization of the film.

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 An option contract what is it ?

It is a contract which provides that for a period of time determined, the producer blocks your scenario, that is to say that he pays you a deposit so that you aren’t going to see another producer. During this time, he goes in search of broadcasters, co-producers and financers. He is the only one that you propose. Basically it is the amount of time necessary for the producer to know if the project is viable or not.

An option contract is how much ?

The producer loves your continuity conversed, it’s time to talk money. Be aware that if you’re writing a tv movie or a feature film, the producer will offer 10 % of the total amount of the purchase value of your scenario.

If you have written a tv movie that represents between :

– 4000 and 6000 euros

If you have written a feature film that represents between :

– 1500 and 3000 euros

These prices are indicative ! But if you check one of these amounts you can be happy ;o)

For how long is the option ?

The average duration is one year. I advise you not to accept more than a year. If at the end of the year the project has not taken off or if you have not re-signed, you get your rights, which you can then go and approach other producers. If the producers want to keep the rights they have to pay you again the rights of the option ;o)

And after ?

Once the project takes off it is necessary to clarify the payment of the balance due. In general, the first half of the remaining amount will be paid to the author on the first day of the preparation and then the rest on the first day of filming.

And if I’ve written a synopsis ?

Imagine that you have won this famous meeting with a producer and that the latter offers to pay you for the writing of the scenario : how it happens ?

Basically, it is the same thing. It is necessary to sign your contract to the tune of 10 % of the total value of the scenario (see rates above) to the delivery of the synopsis.

And then clarify the other moments of payment. Are you saying that it is the producer who will lead the dance. You will surely pay you on delivery :

– The treatment

– The séquencier

– Continuity dialogue

You will have a payment in three times.

What is the pay proportional ?

It is quite complicated. If you have written a feature film and that he made 10 million entries, and you did hit that 30, 000 euros for having written the scenario, it is a bit thin no ?

So the writer’s remuneration is proportional to the success of the film or the film’s budget.

If you have received € 20,000 to write the script for a film whose budget was to be one million euros, but that in reality, the film has managed to have 10 million euros, it is normal that your salary is re-evaluated, or not ?!

The same goes for the sale of the film in other countries, the sale of the vod or dvd , etc…

I’m not going to go into too many details otherwise this would be too complicated. Be aware that when a movie comes out in the hall, he does not earn any money in the first place sold.

The proportional compensation can mitigate this. His mode of calculation, however, is not very clear.

Let’s imagine that the movie cost 2 million euros. It has been funded by grants, the soficas, of private money, the CNC, the distributor, etc… except that it is necessary that the film is at least 2 million euros for that it begins to earn money. A big part of the television sales and sales abroad, but it remains a part to fill. Entries movie must fill this gap.


If the film must be 600 000 to be repaid in the 600 001 th entry will be bénéficière.

Therefore, for the author, the remuneration is negotiated at the first euro-pocketed it is to say that the film is not amortized, it is, therefore, a deficit, in this case the compensation is only 1 % to 2%. I don’t think this system is very widespread.

Or it is negotiated after amortization of the film, that is to say, as soon as the 60 001 th place sold. Then the percentage of compensation will be of the order of 5% to 6%.

This mode of remuneration is quite risky because you never know what a film is going to make as input, or if a telefilm will be aired, multidiffusé and sold abroad…


The solution is therefore to agree on a minimum guarantee oradvance that may be granted to the author. Unfortunately I have not the exact figures, but keep in mind that for a tv movie you can get between :

– 20 000, and 45 000 euros

And for a feature film between :

– 15 000 and 1 million euros


The difference is due to the reputation of the author. You will understand that you are in the lower range ;o)

sell his script, To conclude :

Do you not take the head with the numbers and the contracts. Read this article on how to properly negotiate his contract and sell a script in not losing sight that the main thing is to be read and produced !

Not at any price, we agree ! But now that you have an idea of how much you can hope to have, do you take more cabbage with it.

You have cards in your hands to accept or reject the proposals that we are going to do to you. But don’t play the dealers of carpet, if the price is that we are offering you is a little lower than the rates (which are informative) that I’ve just given you, do not take umbrage !

You’re just beginning ! As in any business, the new entrants do not reach 2500 euros per month immediately ! They start at the bottom of the scale to the smic !

I hope this article on ” how to sign his contract and sell his script “ you will be informed ;o) please do not hesitate to ask me your questions in the posting at the bottom of this article.


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