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Each day, we advise you to take 2 films to see on tv that night : a film on the set of strings and another, exclusively on TNT.

The program tonight : Nothing on the TNT and PARIS TEXAS by Wim Wenders.

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Card program

As driven by a fixed idea, Travis, the main character of the film, is walking alone in the desert of Texas. He tries, without success, to drink, finally arrives in a bar, isolated, and loses consciousness. It is collected by a doctor who found on him a card with the telephone number of his brother, Walt Henderson. It made the trip from Los Angeles to find him. Travis had not given sign of life for four years.

Despite their reunion, Travis said nothing, not eating and not sleeping. He refuses to take the plane to return to Los Angeles, forcing his brother to make it all the way in the car. It is only gradually that he finds the use of the word. When his brother asks him where he hoped to go wandering in the desert, Travis finally responds that he intended to go to Paris, Texas, where his parents would have designed.

In the house of his brother, waiting for Anne, girlfriend of Walt, and son, Hunter, Travis, who was three years old when he disappeared. Even if Hunter knows that Walt and Anne are his uncle and aunt, and thus of the adoptive parents, the reunion with his father are hesitant.

Travis learns later by Anne, the mother of Hunter, Jane, was in the habit to spend each month to deposit money at a bank in Houston for his son. He wants to meet him. When he expressed his intentions to Hunter, the latter decides to accompany him, without asking permission of Anne and Walt.

Jane is now working in a peep show : the cabins are equipped with glass without silvering allowing men to look at women without being seen. It ignores as well as Travis came to see her. Him, unable to speak, gives the latest discussions and go back to the hotel with Hunter.

The next day, he returns and succeeds to narrate the story of two strangers. Even if it has not recognized the voice of Travis, who speaks to him on the phone through the glass, she recognises their history and understands that he is facing her. Several years ago, Jane and Travis fell in love despite their significant age difference. Their relationship quickly became adversarial. Travis was won by the jealousy when he took time out to go to work. But if he declined it to be with Jane, the money problems were becoming sources of tension. The birth of Hunter, Jane felt more and more trapped in their relationship. One night, their caravan was set on fire. Jane ran off with Hunter. Travis, who could, then disappeared from their lives.

Though they are found, Travis cannot bring himself to resume his life with Jane. It has come to entrust their child and shows him the hotel room where Hunter is waiting for her mother. Later, Travis, who looked at the reunion from a car in the distance, disappears again into the night.

Technical data sheet

Production : Wim Wenders

Screenplay : L. M. Kit Carson, Sam Shepard

Main actors : Harry Dean Stanton, Nastassja Kinski, Dean Stockwell

Country of origin : West Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States

Released : 19 September 1984

Duration : 2h27mn


• The shooting of the film took place from September 29, 1983 December 11, 1983. No scene has been filmed in Paris, Texas, which is, in fact, far from being a desert. On the other hand, the shooting took place in Texas, in the area of Big Bend, Marathon, Fort Stockton, tx, Nordheim, Port Arthur, El Paso and Houston, but also in Los Angeles and Four Corners in California and in Deming, New Mexico.

• The film had to base out in west GERMANY on 28 September 1984. The production company Road Movies Filmproduktion and distribution company Filmverlag der Autoren, which Wenders has been a member since its foundation in 1971, had decided to begin the exploitation of the film to distribute 40 copies in small cinemas. Seeing the success of Paris, Texas at the Cannes film Festival and the good reactions of the critics, Wenders, however wants to broadcast a minimum of 80 copies. He goes up to block the film’s release in Germany to obtain satisfaction. This is only the 4th of January, 1985, when he was already released overseas, that an agreement is found : Paris, Texas is released from the January 11, in 65 rooms.


• Cannes film Festival 1984 : Golden Palm, Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

• BAFTA Awards / Orange British Academy Film Awards 1985 : Best director (Wim Wenders)

Source : Wikipedia and AlloCiné

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