[tv] Saturday, 13 July 2013 : The program on tv tonight

Each morning, writing the Blog from the Cinema advise you 2 movies to see on tv that night : a film on the set of strings and another, exclusively on TNT, so not to forget anyone !

The program tonight : Nothing on the DTT channels, and Jane Eyre on Canal+ Cinema.

  • ON TNT

To believe that the Saturdays are also poor in the films Friday on TNT…



On Canal+ Cinema at 20.45

Technical data sheet

Achievement : Cary Fukunaga

Screenplay : Moira Buffini, based on the novel by Charlotte Brontë “Jane Eyre”

Main actors : Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, Jamie Bell, Judi Dench, Sally Hawkins

Country of origin : United Kingdom

Genre : Drama

Released : July 25, 2012

Duration : 115 minutes


The spectator discovers a young woman fleeing on a moor oppressive. At the end of my forces, it will be collected by a young pastor and his two sisters. The young woman claims to be called Jane Elliott, she seems haunted by her past. The pastor of St. John Rivers and his sisters respect his secret ; the pastor will help him by finding a job as a teacher.

Many flash-back light up a little at the fate of the young woman. The spectator discovers his childhood of an orphan, mistreated by his aunt and his cousins, and then placed in a boarding school, Lowood, where physical punishment and deprivation are the norm. The young Jane is befriended by another young girl who dies, swept away by the tb.

As a young woman, Jane leaves the school of Lowood to become a preceptor of the little Adèle, at Thornfield, an old castle, isolated. It shall perform effectively its task of preceptor but bored. When she meets the master of the house, Mr Rochester, they confront their character, and Jane says that its freedom of speech despite his employee status. She attended several strange phenomena (fire, injury of a visitor, the sounds of the night in the castle). His discretion, his loyalty and his freedom to win the heart of Rochester. While the latter seems to be courting Miss Blanche Ingram, it is to Jane that he will make his proposal of marriage. The latter accepts despite the difference of social class. The matron Mrs Fairfax warns.

At the time the priest is preparing to unite in a small chapel, a man came out and opposes the marriage. He is the man of law, Richard Mason. Richard Mason is the brother of the wife of Mr Rochester, Bertha Antoinetta Mason, have gone mad. It is she who lives in a secret room, she heard the night, she set fire to the room of Rochester, who was injured his brother came in to visit. Rochester begs Jane to stay ; she refused, unable to bear his lies, refusing to lower himself to live like that. The following night, in the morning, Jane flees across the moor.

Collected by St John Rivers and his sisters, his love for Rochester the haunts. St John, who has discovered the secret of his identity, he learns that she inherited from an uncle. As a thank you for their help, she gives the money to the Rivers and asks them to consider as their sister. St John will be going to India as a missionary, he offers to accompany him, as a wife, she will then be able to use his gift for drawing and painting. Jane refuses because she loves St John as a brother and does not want a marriage without love. She returns to Thornfield. Arrival on the spot, she finds that the castle is nothing more than a burnt down ruin. Mrs Fairfax surprises, teaches him the fire caused by Mrs Rochester and the death of one of them. Jane found Mr Rochester, the spectator discovers that he has become blind ; the couple is found and embraced.


• Evening Standard British Film Awards 2012 : best actor for Michael Fassbender

[Source : Wikipedia]

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