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Each morning, writing the Blog from the Cinema advise you 2 movies to see on tv that night : a film on the set of strings and another, exclusively on TNT, so not to forget anyone !

The program this evening : come BACK to ME on D8 and THE VOYEUR on the TCM Movie.

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Card program

Technical data sheet

Original title : Atonement

Realization : Joe Wright

Scenario : Christopher Hampton from Ian McEwan

Main actors : James McAvoy, Keira Knightley, Saoirse Ronan, Romola Garai

Country of origin : United Kingdom, France

Genre : Drama

Released : January 9, 2008

Duration : 123 minutes

Synopsis : In 1935, a girl of thirteen, Briony Tallis, and her family, live in the glamour and privileges of their huge house. Briony is determined to become a novelist, and, when she sees her sister, Cecilia, in the arms of the son of one of the servants, Robbie, his jealousy is going to push it to accuse the latter of an act he did not commit. Robbie will then be imprisoned, and then sent on to the battlefields of the Second world War. In the following years, Briony tries to atone for his fault…


• The film stands out, among others, by a remarkable sequence of 7 minutes illustrating the battle of Dunkirk, more precisely, the waiting conditions of the evacuation of british soldiers on the beach. This plan involved nearly 2000 extras.

• Arrived at Dunkirk, a lieutenant of the Royal Navy said Robbie Turner as the evacuation is stopped for the time being, and that the RMS Lancastria was sunk, it is an anachronism because the Dunkirk evacuation took place between 26 may and 3 June 1940, when the RMS Lancastria was bombed and sunk on 17 June 1940 off St Nazaire.


• Academy awards (2008) : Oscar for best film music for Dario Marianelli

• Golden Globe Award (2008) : best drama film

Source : Wikipedia

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at 20.45

Card program

Technical data sheet

Original title : Peeping Tom

Production : Michael Powell

Screenplay : Leo Marks

Main actors : Carl Boehm, Anna Massey, Maxine Audley, Moira Shearer

Country of origin : United Kingdom

Genre : Thriller

Released : September 21, 1960

Duration : 101 minutes

Synopsis : Mark Lewis is a young man, enigmatic and lonely, passionate image to the point of obsession. Operator-camera in a film studio, he also makes extras like photographer of charm in the shop of a newsagent. The apartment is a huge laboratory filled with equipment, devices, chemistry. There, he develops and plays only his own films at length.

The camera always at hand, Mark Lewis said to shoot a documentary, but he works in reality to a much more morbid : it tracks the fear of death in the face of young women…


• This is the first film by Michael Powell achieved without the collaboration of his accomplice of the great success Emeric Pressburger.

• Michael Powell has encrusted a lot of elements of his own life in the course of the film sequences projected by the main character : he interprets himself the father of Mark Lewis, and his son Columba lends its features to the following when it sees a child. In addition, all of his scenes were shot in the childhood home of the film director, in London.

• The Voyeur is released in theaters the same year as a famous other film narrating the acts dark a killer, lonely and reserved, namely Psychosis. But, in a first time, the film of Powell met with much less commercial success and critical than that of Alfred Hitchcock, because it was too shocking and too unhealthy. It marked the beginning of the decline of the career of Powell, however, recognized as one of the filmmakers most accomplished of Great Britain, and will almost never be broadcast. It is only later that this work cursed is rediscovered and considered as cult, for the spectators, but also by renowned directors such as Brian De Palma or Martin Scorsese. Moreover, have become friends in life, Powell and Scorsese commenting on the film together in the bonus features of the DVD edition.

• The Voyeur is known to be one of the first feature films to speak of what one will name later the Snuff movies, these videos featuring real scenes of murder. It is also often referred to as being the precursor to Slashers, films where serial-killers are put in front and in hot pursuit of young people.

Source : Wikipedia

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