Attention, most of the curricula offered by the French universities do not form in the craft of filmmaking ! The proposed training is very often theoretical, to understand, to decipher the language of cinema and the image. They are of training very suitable for people who wish to become critics of film or wishing to acquire knowledge and skills that are important in view of the preparation of the contest large schools such as FEMIS and Louis Lumière.

L’université Paris 8 provides a curriculum of comprehensive studies on the cinema, which goes from the license (available immediately after the Bac) at the doctoral level, through three specialized masters degrees (Theory, history and aesthetics ; Enhancement of heritage ; production and creation).

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TheUniversity of Paris 3 Sorbonne offers a multitude of degrees and master’s degrees relating to the cinema. Thus, the students integrating the university in the License Cinema, Audiovisual will have the choice between the term ” theatre studies “, “modern literature” or ” film Studies and audiovisual “. The Master 1 is common to all students. Master 2, two possibilities are offered : A research Master’s degree on Film Studies and audiovisual, or a professional Master’s degree on the image (Production of tools and Art of the transmission).

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The specificity of the offer of theUniversity of Paris 1 is to propose to follow the degree in Cinema at a distance. This is very convenient for students employees or for those wishing to follow both licenses at once. Finally, two masters degrees are offered. The first, a master of research, is devoted to the history and heritage of the cinema while the second, a professional master’s degree aims to train specialists of the television and new media.

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