What is endex?

What is endex?

ENDEX — End Exercise.

What is a J1a jacket?

The J1A was the first ever jacket designed by Acronym. Concepted and tested between 1999 and 2001, it is the progenitor of every other Acronym jacket that has followed, and the culmination of learned knowledge about building functional apparel.

Is the J1a GT over-engineered?

Over-engineered. The J1A-GT is a beast of a jacket with an iconic silhouette and tons of features – not all of them truly utilitarian. Initially released in 2001 as part of a 120 unit run of the First Edition Kit, the J1A is the most iconic and quintessential Acronym piece.

Is the j1a-gt a fashion statement or technical piece?

Rather, it is just as much a fashion statement as it is a technical piece; the excess, exclusivity, heritage, modularity and overengineering – that is why the J1A-GT quintessentially embodies the spirit of Acronym. This jacket is for the tech junkie that wants every single feature available, should they choose to use it.

What is j1a-gtkp?

J1A-GTKP: Acronym’s collaboration jacket with Kojima Productions commemorating the release of Death Stranding, which happened to sell out in mere moments. Some of the jacket’s defining details have evolved over time, others have been removed and then added back for future iterations.

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